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” Grotesque Abdication of Responsibility “

An op ed piece by Paul Krugman on unemployment….

“Unemployment is a terrible scourge across much of the Western world. Almost 14 million Americans are jobless, and millions more are stuck with part-time work or jobs that fail to use their skills. Some European countries have it even worse: 21 percent of Spanish workers are unemployed.

Nor is the situation showing rapid improvement. This is a continuing tragedy, and in a rational world bringing an end to this tragedy would be our top economic priority.

Yet a strange thing has happened to policy discussion: on both sides of the Atlantic, a consensus has emerged among movers and shakers that nothing can or should be done about jobs. Instead of a determination to do something about the ongoing suffering and economic waste, one sees a proliferation of excuses for inaction, garbed in the language of wisdom and responsibility.

So someone needs to say the obvious: inventing reasons not to put the unemployed back to work is neither wise nor responsible. It is, instead, a grotesque abdication of responsibility.”

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  1. Ovaltien5000

    I don’t understand why people always look at unemployment through such a pessimistic lens. When you break down the actual statistics in the US you will see that roughly two-thirds of the population are either overweight, lazy, uneducated or untrainable. So the way I see it we have so many jobs that most of these pieces of dog shit are working. You have this whole unemployment thing backwards.

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    dude that is a crazy point of view.

    It is human nature to be lazy.
    Being overweight does not affect intellect.
    Uneducated is a problem.
    But that does not mean people are not trainable.

    More importantly, it is the middle class ie educated and skilled workers who can not get work.
    Not to mention college students with degrees.

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