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Police Fire Upon Peaceful Protesters in Spain

“Police just cleared the protest camp on the Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, firing rubber bullets at protesters and hitting indiscriminately (videos here!).

Information is still sketchy (if you’re in Barcelona, please give us an update!) but it appears that riot police have just cleared the peaceful protest camp at Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona with force.

At least 43 are reported to have been treated for injuries, although actual numbers are likely to be higher.

Video footage shows police beating away indiscriminately at protesters sitting on the ground. Reports say police even fired rubber bullets to disperse a small group of protesters that peacefully resisted eviction.”

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  1. Growly

    My holiday in Barcelona in about 4 weeks is not looking so relaxing…guess I’ll have to bring the vest

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    Just stay away from the rallies….it’s a huge enough city to still enjoy your time. I loved it!

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