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Rumor: Chemical Biological Incident Response Force Deployed to Fukushima

Rumors are floating about the USMC special unit designated to dealing with disasters, such as Fukushima, being deployed in order to help the Japanese government. This comes after reports that radiation levels in the sea water near the plants are hitting their highest levels ever.

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Woodshedder’s Family Biz Shut Down By SC Gov’t Regulators

By Harriet McLeod

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) – Looking for raccoon meat? You won’t find it at a country convenience store in South Carolina after state health inspectors told employees to throw out their supply.

Tipped off by a complaint, inspectors recently found the cleaned raccoon meat in plastic bags inside one of the store’s coolers, along with bagged ice.

“In my 28 years with the agency, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this,” Thom Berry, spokesman for the state Department of Health and Environmental Control, said on Wednesday.

“My inspectors, they see all kinds of things, but this is something new even to them.”

The Lucky 7 store — located in Gadsden, near the state capital of Columbia — removed the meat upon request, Berry said. But when inspectors went back several days later, they found it outside the building near some trash.

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