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Added to AEC

I added a few percent onto my AEC position for $14.84, bringing my cash inside of 20%.

At this stage, it’s a 5% dividend even without further appreciation. I’ve ranted enough about the treatment the stock has received over equity raises and cap-rates – the stock is cheap. I’ll spare you a 6 page diatribe.

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Another Winning Day

The oil sell off isn’t even the crux of my delight today; I need ERX and UCO to go much lower before I begin a dance of elation.

No, no, my joy is in watching a much older strategy begin to really take off.

AEC was up another 2% today, in a quarter’s end buying spree in anticipation of what I expect to be blowout earnings from the multi-family space.

If you missed out on the multi-family REITs, it is entirely your fault, I’m afraid. I highlighted them and their superior barganing position back when I first joined the iBC team.

Friends, watch amazed at the daring feats to be performed before your eyes. Rental rates are rising and occupancy has never been higher.

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