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I Bought More HCLP, Because They Grew 218%

Look this is quite straightforward. This partnership is trading at a paltry 14X income and just tripled in size inside of one year.

And a cursory glance immediately revealed another 15% growth just sitting in the pipeline; unaccounted for as of yet. As in, without trying – whammy – have another 15% growth guy.

“Why yes, I believe I will, thank you.”

Just having this trade like the high growth play it is, for 20X income or more, sends it to $50. Add in the 15% growth I’m seeing (and will detail later) and you’re at $59. And that’s before the company even does anything.

This thing is easily going above $60 for a partnership unit. That’s 66% higher from where it’s at right now.

My cash positions rests above 30%.

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