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Caste System Upheld


Last night at one in the morning, dispatchers delivered signed decrees, informing us that the renegade “proletariat revolutionaries” had been rounded up and delivered to the gallows. Moderately spaced over the next month, iBankCoin’s aristocracy shall gather to watch your executions one at a time.

And amongst the tabbed bloggers, there will be much merriment at the upholding of the alta caste.

This was done because we felt threatened by your “hope” and “zeal”. The status quo was taken as a right of privilege. Grievances were levied against your persons. The upper class prevailed again.

The Fly did this for the same reason Roosevelt took all your gold in the second World War – because he could.

As a token of generosity, we have been told that one of you shall be passed up the hierarchy, much as in the story of the ladies and the tigers. This will give the rebellious folks cause to hope and keep them subdued.

To the victor, I offer early accolades and a hearty welcome. To the rest of you, get back to your homes, and do not dare try and evade the looming census.

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