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Tricky Tricky

I admit it; you had me pretty worried there.

What with oil prices plunging to lows not seen since last the entire planet was on the precipice of economic catastrophe. Yes, I was sweating…profusely.

But now what do we have here? In less than a business week, oil is back. My stocks are roaring back to dead life from a state of living death. It’s not much, but at least the putrefaction is under some amount of control.

For the moment, I am not putting any of my cash reserves to work. I want the dry powder in case we go Mad Max again.

But this is constructive. Greek 10 years are yielding 8% again. China will get it under control, much to the dismay of Zerohedgers. It’s not difficult to take away freedom from people who barely have any to start with.

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