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Guess Who’s Up Another 1% Today?

HCLP is taking me higher again; my largest position running another 5% today towards $57 a share.

This puts my gains on this positions closing in on 140% since I bought it last August.

Listen: I need you to stop asking me when I’m going to sell. It’s not just a matter of annoyance – you’re sowing doubt in my subconscious. Trust me, I will let you know when I’m going to sell out. It will become apparent… by my selling out.

To be honest with you, there is a very large part of my spirit that demands I sell and “lock in these awesome gains this instant, Cain Thaler.”

With locking in these gains comes tax obligations. That’s about the best of it. And if there is one thing that has become clear to me, looking back at the trail I paved behind, it is that I exit winning positions much too soon. I still make a good profit on them, mind you. But the message of RGR, AWK, ASR, PM, …a half dozen others – is that I am mentally predisposed to take a quick 20-40% gain and walk away, even when my idea is worth far more.

And so I am locked in an epic battle of self restraint. My opponent is a most worthy foe; my emotional self. We are near equally matched, but I have one singular advantage over this knave. I am much smarter than he.

Or at least, I should be, if I take the time to focus and work against him. That is hard enough without tripping on stray rocks being strewn under my feet by the populace.

If you fear of losing your HCLP wins, then take them. Do so silently, and to yourself. Actually, leave a triumphant decree in my comments to let the world know your pleasure with my services. But talk of my selling, no more.

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  1. matt_bear

    i assumed you were a yield man. Why else invest in MLP’s? If the cash flow is good, why would you sell?

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  2. eddiedaroza

    Great pick. Been watching it since aug and never pulled the trigger.

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