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Life’s Easy When You’re In Cash

I must say, that when you’re sitting on a massive cash position and adequate hedging, it’s just not possible to become excited about stuff. The raucous of the 9th floor has shifted its melody from the deep baritone of market concerns to a soft reggae; that is almost nauseatingly soothing.

But though the 9th floor is quixotic in its machinations, the ground below is a bustle of activity and noise demanding my constant energy and more than replacing the displaced frustration and effort. 2014 is separated by a chasm, and in many respects I am an engineer of the bridge needed to span it. You do not realize it yet, but if our team fails in our endeavors, your life is going to be absolute hell when we careen off the edge. Actually, it may be a forgone conclusion at this point anyway.

My current positions are as follows:

I have 20% cash.

10% of my book is short the euro by way of EUO. 10% is shorting oil through SCO.

12% of my book is in physical silver.

20% of my book is in CCJ. The rest of is pretty evenly divided between AEC, CLP, BAS, RGR, AGQ and BXG.

I estimate my position is equivalent to a 55% cash position, since the inverse ETFs are so especially potent.

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