Monday, December 5, 2016
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Unacceptable – RGR Is Down?

You’ve got to be kidding me!? RGR didn’t just demolish earnings estimates. They vaporized them. They crushed all the analysts so badly, I don’t think the analysts have managed to figure out by how much yet. Was it 50%, or a whopping 77%?

So the stock is down a percent??

Look, do not lull yourself into thinking the earnings game is over for RGR. I flip on my television and see a multi-million dollar marketing campaign equivalent for RGR on C-SPAN this morning, as Feinstein and a half dozen brain dead Senators let a man so inundated by grief he can hardly stand steer their response to weapons in the USA.

These gun control measures are dead on arrival. They will not impact RGR or SWHC in the slightest. They are, however, FREE ADVERTISEMENT and the single greatest argument for a gun purchase the gun manufacturers could ever hope to make.

“Wait, assault weapons will be banished, but if you have one already it doesn’t count? So buy one now.”

Why does RGR even have a marketing division? I’d zero budget them immediately, on the grounds that their job is being done for them, at no cost to the company – the US Senate is that kind

The market is resting from yesterdays’ mighty run. We are not reversing lower, as far as I can tell. EU yields with respect to the problem children continue to subside.

South American countries are feeling the heat this morning, as their debt gets the Argentina treatment. But their economies are too small to matter. And, really, that’s what you deserve for investing in South America.

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  1. Randomness

    I was afraid of this and watchiing this one to see if my thought was true. I believe what we may have here are the first two truly politically incorrect stocks (with SWHC as well) to own and that political correctness is affecting their action.

    • MyVDog

      Random: I believe you are correct but don’t forget at one time the tabacco companies were OUT until people decided it pays to own them. Ruger is debt free and printing cash give it a few quarters and you’ll be rewarded.

  2. MyVDog

    As you stated in your last post NY doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Ironically these #’s were huge but the REAL increase didn’t start until Sandy Hook. I was able to find inventory everywhere prior to SH, now shelves are empty online stores out, prices are HIGH. What you saw in the 4th quarter is NOTHING compared for what you’ll see in the next 2. FWIW a Glock Dealer told me Glock is saying they are 6 to 8 months behind in production to meet current orders.

  3. Fly Fraud

    don’t look now but HLF is putting a slow, low volume short squeeze on Ackman. and with JCP getting murdered, he may have to start covering his HLF sooner than later

  4. Fly Fraud

    Ackman is done. HLF now discussing going private. Options are pricing in a big move north. Shorts are cooked