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Breaking Out

Lording from the 9th floor, I can see men and women walk by, as if ants, scattering across the ground below. There is absolutely nothing that can stop me now. I’m high on this bull market, and cast nothing but aspersions from my window.

It’s a dreary day, but I don’t care.

CCJ is breaking higher. RGR is breaking higher. BAS is breaking higher. God, basically everything I own is higher.

Except for AGQ; that is lower. But I just can’t care. Too many gains are overloading my system. I am experiencing pure ecstasy here. It’s a party, and bears aren’t invited. Keep your crying pessimism to yourself – thank you very much.

The 9th floor offers no condolences to you for missing out on the spectacular fun. Our streamers are flying higher, our windows are spotless, and we’ve got money to make.

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