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Days Of The “Blah” Variety

The sun is shining through the blinds of the room. A lingering smell of water from the glasses on the table disrupts the dryness. The weather is almost warm after the bout of cold.

In a moment the day will be done and the room will be vacated. Dinner will be set on a table somewhere, but footsteps will take me away from there, to a meeting elsewhere.

The last few days have carried themselves at a marked pace. Work is strenuous and demanding – the nights are just barely better.

Last night I was at a quarterly meeting that dragged on for almost four hours. Tonight’s will be at least two hours long; maybe it will push three.

At least things are getting accomplished. I abhor meetings mostly. There is a breed of man in this world that loves meetings. They relish in them. It is these men that can transform a simple and straightforward task into a five hour ordeal. And somehow, at the end of it all, nothing gets done.

Doing business with the wrong people can surely be one of the least recoverable mistakes there is.

Thankfully, those that I’m working with are fairly good at keeping a straight course. Now and again, a few of them like to veer off, but pressing and sour tempers of the hotter among us can drive it back on path again.

There has been little noteworthy the last few days, where stocks are concerned. I see my positions lifting – I was up .4% today – but the market itself is churning and banal. One can’t help yearning for the days of last week, where the market couldn’t help but spike 1% higher every day, without respite.

There needs to be more than simply erasing the early morning selloff each and every day. There needs to be the next big push.

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