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Embrace The Rally, But Plan Ahead (Scaled Back AEC)

The walls of the room irradiate a faint heat absorbed from the hearth where a raging fire keeps back the winter tempest outside. Six stories below a fog is rising from the window panes. And the ground floor two beneath that is completely covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Going into the afternoon, I took the time to lighten up AEC. It had a great quarter, and taking advantage of the punch higher over the last six months, I took profits on everything I purchased when it undeservingly sold off last year. I’m back to holding my core position – which is about 10% of equity assets.

I now have core positions built in AEC, CLP, BAS and RGR. I have an equal sized hedge in EUO. All are equal to about 10% of assets. I have an oversized position in CCJ of almost 30%. Roughly 20% of my account is in cash.

This doesn’t count the silver I hold, which is about 15% of net value. Add that back in and all the position sizes drop a little bit; but not much.

I’m going to be very reserved about making purchases here. I’m rooting on the upside, but I’m keenly perceptive that this is the same old game being played. As prices offer me relief, I’ll just keep taking money off the table, a little at a time.

Winter has been very good to me so far. I’d be remiss to blow that.

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