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The Future Of RGR And Guns In America


The Obama gun control announcement was a complete non-issue for gun manufacturers. The Executive Orders, the only part of this that I ever feared, was stuffed full of common sense, passive actions that no one was objecting to in the first place.

And Obama acknowledged (which is always half the battle with him) that any attempt to restrict magazine capacity or ban “assault weapons” (read “any gun that looks scary”) must start in the Legislature.

Reid and Boehner are just FIGHTING with each other over who gets to start that process…

Oh, wait no they’re both punting.

Meanwhile, Obama’s actions, surrounding himself with children like a 20th century totalitarian on crack, before announcing this set of soft measures, have fired up the gun owners and political operatives who haven’t quite worked out yet that this isn’t a big deal.

The gun buying craze, which is pre-empting future government action that probably isn’t coming, will run voraciously until it exhausts itself. And ironically, a push to try and reign in weapons will have inadvertently put a lot more of them into circulation.

On a pullback, I will consider adding back RGR to my portfolio. By this time next year, it will be making new highs.

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  1. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    He looked rattled. Jarrett and Axelrod must have shown him some overnight polls. One thing about 0bama, he doesn’t like to piss folks off, that’s why he’s the president.
    So he throws a bone to his followers by mildly scolding the NRA. The libs, magnifying his words 1000x thought they heard him say “gun contol”.
    Result? Bidness as usual, give me another AR to go please.

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  2. The Fly

    You nailed it. Well done!

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  3. Bozo on a bus

    During the first months of his presidency, Obama seemed to me to be more pragmatic than most presidents. Later events caused me to rethink that position, but now I’m not sure. I’ll put him in the enigmatic category – peace prize, Guantanamo, drones, operations in Pakistan. May be a sign of the times where the country is so divided on so many fundamental issues, where reconciliation is impossible, that he and other top leaders must tread very carefully or 50% of the country is automatically alienated.

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  4. Blind Read Ant

    LV gun show here. Very Safest the townz seen.

    This post misses the Constitutional point; though, “incrementalism.”

    W. Respect.

    Concur on trade idea.

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