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Fixated On A Catalyst

There is only one number I’ve come to stare at every week, and that’s the published uranium spot price. It’s up over 7% in the last month.

It’s astounding, really. I know that the number has absolutely no bearing on CCJ’s operations, whatsoever.

But I am convinced that the number has a very meaningful impact on CCJ’s stock price.

For some reason, humans are always on the lookout for “a reason”. The quest for this unattainable cause has destroyed men. It has brought nations to their knees. It has set killers free and thrown the innocent behind bars.

And now, there are potentially millions of dollars waiting for “a reason” to buy CCJ.

I don’t get it. I mean, if CCJ is a good buy, why not just buy it? Why wait for “a catalyst.”

If you suspected that your gas line was faulty, would you wait for the presence of “a catalyst” to fix it? Would you wait until lethal and volatile gas was flooding your home to patch up the issue?

“Mmm, no sir, that is simply preposterous,” you remark while stomping your foot on the ground. “I believe I need a catalyst before I move to fix that gas line.”

“Now please remove yourself from my study, you charlatan salesman. It is almost noon-thirty, a time each and every day when I practice the ritual of smoking my pipe.”

Hell no. If you saw there was a problem with one of your lines, you wouldn’t care what the expected life of a gas pipe was, or the statistics of an explosion in an average home, or presumably would you wait until your house was the ideal location for a life shattering explosion.

You’d step in and fix the damn thing.

But that’s not how the mentality works in markets. When you spy misallocated risk in market, for some reason totally unknown to me, the accept response is, “We wait, good sirs. We wait until the moment when it’s probably too late to act.”

“We wait for the signal.”

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  1. beartrap

    i call it awesome.

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  2. Peter

    Can you tell me where I can get the published uranium spot price?

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    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      There is no official “market” price for uranium, as there is no major market to buy it on. All sales are handled through a series of brokers who have obtained licensing.

      So naturally, manipulation and tomfoolery abound, as with any opaque and low volume system.

      One such broker that publishes spot price estimates is located here:


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