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Calls For EURUSD Parity On Temporary Suspension

I have not banged on this pot in a while, yet its presence should have been taken as a foregone conclusion.

Still, for a moment, I’ll hang it on a shelf.

Earlier this year, I didn’t believe we’d go over the fiscal cliff, mostly because I thought “that would be stupid”.

And stupid it will be.

At the end of the day, I blame the Freshmen Tea Party Republicans for this, because they willingly surrendered a voting majority, tied their hands behind their backs, and jumped into the water – Javert style. What the hell is this, the finale of Les Miserables (that looks incredible, by the way)?

Now the ramifications of this will be dollar weakness. Also, we’re already getting calls for more Fed easing? I think that’s premature, just like the calls for QE3 were initially way premature.

But no matter what, I’m seeing a few months of intense dollar pressure, which will likely translate into EURUSD support near this 1.3 mark.

But make no mistake – over the next several years, the EURUSD will enter sudden periods of cascading, which together will lead the dollar and euro to parity. The resumption of this inevitability will probably recommence this spring.

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