Monday, December 5, 2016
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Yes. Celebrate. Be drunk and happy. You do not see the noose around your necks yet, but you will. When it is too late, you will…

At around seven of the clock tonight, I cast my ballot – the very one you see above you. I told you exactly what I planned to do months ago.

In the background of the 9th floor, I hear the voices of Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton talking stupid. I’ve left them on, because it amuses me hearing them contradict themselves. Their voices carry talk about the need to heal the rift in this country and how Republicans should begin to compromise on, oh…all sorts of issues. That’s cute.

I’ll tell you what they’re not saying. Last I checked, Romney is winning the fucking popular vote.

WHERE IS THE GOD DAMNED OUTRAGE? Hmmm. Mind you, I’m not outraged he’s losing the electoral college because I like the electoral college.

But to all you little fuckers who were screaming in 2000; I’m waiting.

Elsewhere, the GOP is taking full control of the House of Representatives. They maintain a filibuster in the Senate. Do I care about anything else? The local elections, mostly. I want to see conservative principles slowly push on the ground. That’s what will let business really advance in this country. It’s not about the guy upstairs. It’s about the men and women wielding the rubber stamps. They’re the ones you need. Fuck the presidency.

Besides that, I am concerned about the Supreme Court. Conservatives have held that institution for a long time. But I need to trust in the vehemence of the elderly conservatives to keep those bastards alive.

I am elated that Michigan has completely shut down the Union’s pet proposals. These assholes were trying to enshine supra-legal powers for themselves in the constitution. They just helped sink more than $150 million into these initiatives. I’m sure declining membership will help pick up that tab…

The next 4 years are going to be a severe disappointment. The talking heads behind me are chatting like we’re in a recovery.

We are not.

The debt issues that Europe is mired in are not trivial. They are presently witnessing a great claim against their civilization. This claim – this entitlement – is tearing them apart at the seams. And it is coming for us.

When that happens, it may yet be that the talking heads behind me eat their words. With a side of peas…

Because when it comes, they are taking the fall.

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  1. Cheesefries

    I like your style and intellect.

  2. Honolulu Trader

    and fuck you very much! lol

    Russia is smiling! They say Obama win means higher oil prices! That has me smilng also,,,,,,$UCO

  3. Tom

    Cain, great call.

  4. mad_scientist

    why did u vote for 0?

  5. Ha

    They won’t. FDR never took the fall, neither will obummer. He shall be glorified as we enter WW3.

  6. Raul3

    Loved watching those bullshit proposals fail.

    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      No kidding. I wish Prop 1 had passed, but oh well. I guess a bankruptcy judge gets to decide how much the SEIU’s health plan gets cut, rather than one of Snyder’s appointees…

  7. Rick

    “I’ll tell you what they’re not saying. Last I checked, Romney is winning the fucking popular vote.”

    All your sheep (and Trump) still got your back lol

    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      Nah, when I wrote that Romney was up in the popular. I didn’t realize so much of California hadn’t reported yet.

      Still, the election in terms of votes was much closer than the electoral college. Obama didn’t really win by that much.

  8. PG

    How precient of you to bring up the Euro Debt issue as that is precisely the catalyst which has shined a light on the reality of 4 more years! !