A Christmas Gift & Poll Update


Good Morning Citizens,

As you are all well aware, some despots that meander the halls of iBC do not care for me nor my escalation into prominence. My life has been put in danger again, this time from barbarian raiders. As I sit here at the local children’s infirmary, I want my forces to know that you are fighting for a noble cause and your loyalty will be rewarded. On this Christmas Eve, I would like to present a “gift” for your allegiance and bravery. This link provides the code and logic behind a somewhat consistant $ES_F day trading program, although not the greatest profit factor of late, created by Ricky Cheung which he provided for free back in 2010. Below are the results from the last 5 years:

Lastly, here are the latest results on the verdict if Reformed Broker’s book sucks:

I’ll try to finish the book this week and have a review done either by the end of the week or after the new year. Enjoy your family and stay safe.

Peace Be With You All,


Note: Use the code at your own risk. I nor the lords of iBC do not take responsibility for its accuracy.

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  1. very cool thanks

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