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Loyal Citizens:

The market does not care what Hussein Obama and Mr. Boner discuss; it only cares about EOY. You good people of iBC should never lose this time of year, that is, unless you were long Gold like myself. In the coming weeks, once things settle down a bit on the front lines here, I will explain my investing style and a few systems I use to take emotion out of my trading. I’ll also post the code to one TradeStation futures system for the ES I use as a token of my appreciation for your readership. As always, YOUR portfolio performance can be found HERE.

The following trades were executed today:

  • Sold $GC_F @ 1677.3 (-20.30)
  • Sold half $GS Jan 130 calls @ 1.80 (+1.22)
  • Closed $QQQ Jan 61/65 Call Spread @ 3.41 (+0.36)

Current open positions include the following:

  • Short 1 $PL_F @ 1606.00 (+12.30)
  • Long 5 $GS Jan 130 calls @ 0.58 (+2.28)
  • Long 10 $FSLR Jan 23 puts @ 0.67 (-0.37)
  • Long 10 $LULU Mar 80 calls @ 3.70 (+0.60)
  • Long 20 $QQQ Feb 60/63 Call Spread @ 2.03 (+0.54)
  • Long 10 $QQQ Mar 59/63 Call Spread @ 2.59 (+0.73)
  • Long 20 $QQQ Jan 58/63 Call Spread @ 4.12 (+0.77)
  • Long 10 $QQQ Jan 59/63 Call Spread @ 3.47 (+0.42)

I leave you with one of the greatest moments in black entertainment history:


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  1. How’s your little one? Any better?

    • Still fighting and back to the NICU, just trying to figure what exactly is going on with him. Thanks for the mentions and concern, much appreciated

  2. Look forward to seeing your style. Liked the Easy-E pic on the Dicks’ headline. Crazy Video.

  3. Great video Maximus. I once attended a James Brown concert when I was in high school…1968. Known as the Hardest working Man in show business. No one could top James. Thanks for the memories.

  4. The Plumbers Crack

    Great post.
    Hope your child recovers quickly.

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