A Note On Sandy Hook Elementary


My thoughts go directly to those parents. As a father of 3, one who just retuned from the NICU after 2 months, witnessing your child in pain is the worst feeling I have ever felt. Imagining one of my kids in agony away from me, scared, alone and dying is a feeling that would absolutely destroy me. I pray for those parents, I pray for the kids who witnessed this. Events like this can only be explained by the cruel reality that we live in an unsafe world; unsafe for children and unsafe for us. Your sole mission in this life is to protect your children, your family and yourself from it.


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  1. As a father, Agreud. Well put MAXIMUS.

  2. Well chosen words Maximus. I am holding my boys tight tonight.

  3. Well said Maximus. Its nice to have a family. Gives you direct involvement with something and someones much greater and more important than ourselves. The Real Muppet has been at the hospital with his 3 year old for the last two days. All is well now.

    I hope the newborn is doing well. Congratulations.

    In honor of your youngest and your great victory in the ring this week I present to you the following gift:

    The greatest episode of the most popular TV show in the history of the world:


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  6. You sure came the hell out of nowhere to get the votes, The Fly’s endorsement, and the tabber blog so congratulations.

    Sorry to hear about your experience in the NICU as I’ve been there but never been there for a loved one so I hope the recovery is going well and especially from a father’s point-of-view.

    Lastly, I’ve seen your posts and P/L link (thx) but one suggestion I have is some pictures/charts or other visual coupled with the thoughts. I believe it would be more entertaining in true Maximus-style and would entertain the people. Great videos by-the-way.

    • thanks for the kind words as well as the suggestions – my strategy in investing will be explained in more detail further down the road

  7. That was the secret of the election… Maximus got elected while watching over his son in the NICU. I wasn’t going to say a word and, like a gentleman, he didn’t play that card. Just think what can be accomplished when he has his full attention.

  8. My family had an NICU experience as well. Until you have children of your own, you are not really an adult. It is that time you are required to become empathetic and care for others. Agree, those parents who lost children are going thru something the majority of us can’t imagine.

  9. My wife and I spent 3 months in the NICU with our twins born on July 22nd all while trying to maintain a level of normalcy for our daughter who just turned 2 yrs on Dec 9th.
    All are well now and home, healthy, happy and safe.
    Seeing my kids and wife on Friday after these terrible events, really made me appreciate all that we have going for us and incredibly pained and sad for the parents and families of those affected. Peace.

  10. […] all we want whether this is a gun control or mental illness issue but the reality is, like I said here, we live in a very unsafe and cruel world. That is why I have my CCW, plain and simple and this is […]

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