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Saudi Arabia Said to Have Offered $4 Billion to Banks – Bloomberg

It’s a Race to the Bottom between Saudi Sovereign Wealth and American Shale Producers. 2017 will be the Year of the Shakeout.



Saudi Arabia’s central bank offered lenders short-term loans in late June to help ease liquidity constraints, according to five people familiar with the matter.

Source: Saudi Arabia Said to Have Offered $4 Billion to Banks

It is just not working out the way the Saudis thought it would, as US creditors have gone out on some shaky limbs to prop up their disastrous oil investments as well.

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China’s debt problem is worse than expected, Moody’s warns

China’s “shadow banking” system is masking the rise in indebtedness in China, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report Wednesday.image

“The growth in overall leverage may be understated, because some of the fastest growing components of shadow banking are not included in TSF (total social financing),” said Michael Taylor, Moody’s chief credit officer for Asia Pacific.

We estimate the potential understatement to be significant, amounting to at least RMB16 trillion ($2.4 trillion) or 23 percent of GDP at end-2015, equivalent to around one-third of shadow banking,” Taylor added.

Moody’s said TSF flows were being sustained by formal bank credit flows supported by accommodative monetary policy.

The increasing leverage was worrying.

“The rise in overall leverage and further expansion of shadow banking activity are pushing up financial risks,” said Stephen Schwartz, a Moody’s senior vice president.

Moody’s had a Aa3 rating on China but lowered the outlook on the country’s credit rating from stable to negative in March.


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China Bank to Turn $1.6 Billion of Bad Debt Into Securities



Bahahahahaha! Will YOU be a buyer?

The lender plans to sell securities backed by 10.7 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) of nonperforming loans on the interbank bond market, it said July 22 on the Chinese bond clearing house website.

Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. is planning China’s largest sale so far under a trial program for lenders to offload bad loans by packaging them up as asset-backed securities.

The sale price will be the equivalent of 29 percent of the loans’ face value, with the recovery rate on the debt forecast at 41 percent, the lender’s statement showed.


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Bloomberg: Oil Demand Is Headed Over a Cliff Just as Refinery Shutdowns Loom

The outlook for crude oil has not been this gloomy since January.


Beware, oil bulls: Just as U.S. oil production sinks low enough to drain supplies, demand is about to fall off a cliff.

With weekly Energy Information Administration data showing U.S. gasoline stockpiles at the highest seasonal level since at least 1990, refiners may shut sooner and for longer ahead of the Labor Day holiday in early September, the end of the driving season.

“With gasoline supplies the highest since April, refiners may pull some projects forward,” said Tim Evans, an energy analyst at Citi Futures Perspective in New York. “This will take more support away from the market and add to the broader problem of excess supply.”

 Hedge funds’ net-long position in WTI fell by 23,665 futures and options combined to 156,804, CFTC data showed. Shorts surged 24 percent, while longs, or bets on rising prices, increased 1.4 percent.

In other markets, net-bullish bets on Nymex gasoline dropped 18 percent to 1,020 contracts, the lowest since November. Gasoline futures fell 3.8 percent. Net-long wagers on U.S. ultra low sulfur diesel decreased 19 percent to 16,640 contracts. Futures slipped 5.4 percent.

“If we’ve gone through the bulk of the summer driving season and haven’t done much damage to gasoline supply, refiners are going to react,” said Michael D. Cohen, an analyst at Barclays Plc in New York. “It will be hard to find investors that are willing to go long.”

Source: Oil Demand Is Headed Over a Cliff Just as Refinery Shutdowns Loom

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Ireland May Just Be Heaven On Earth

Counties Clare and Galway certainly are the most picturesque places I have ever seen. The Emerald Isle is a treat for the eyes.image


As are the Irish women. Especially the ones with blue or green eyes and jet-black hair.image


I may buy a small home here in this area. The old ones are the best.image

The golf is spectacular.image


Did I mention the golf is spectacular?imageimage



Fresh Guinness on tap in Ireland is everything they say it is and more.



The people are the friendliest people you will ever meet and they love Americans.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet Henry Healy, the President’s distant cousin, after arriving in Moneygall, Ireland, May 23, 2011. The President and First Lady were also welcomed by Counselor Danny Owens, Chair Offaly County, and Counselor John Kennedy, Chair Tipperary County, center. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet Henry Healy, the President’s distant cousin, after arriving in Moneygall, Ireland, May 23, 2011. The President and First Lady were also welcomed by Counselor Danny Owens.

The roads are ridiculous and were never meant to accommodate two motorized vehicles traveling in opposite directions. Rent the smallest car you possibly can. And they drive on the wrong side of the road, which is absurd. Speaking of absurd, this is a two way road: image

My Amex Gold Card would not cover my insurance, forcing me to add the CDW at the Hertz counter. The aforementioned Friendly Folk turn into madmen when behind the wheel. Beware.image

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The failure of CNN, MSNBC, the Democratic Party and the Clickbait race war


Aided and abetted by the Race-Baiter-In-Chief, the Presumptive Democratic Nominee and her faux-Cherokee lapdog.

Half an hour after the assassination of three more policemen and Bernie Sanders is Tweeting about Citizens United. Twice in the last month, both Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton have invoked the memory of Michael Brown, the dead piece of shit thug who never had his hands up but rather attacked a policeman and was rightly shot multiple times by a hero cop who then lost his job and literally had to flee his home as our scumbag press crucified him.

This is utter bullshit. This is fucking OUTRAGEOUS. I will never, ever forget the cretin currently occupying the White House as he stood with the HIDEOUS FAILED PARENTS OF THUG MICHAEL BROWN after said thug was shown by a grand jury to be exactly the piece of vile shit that Darren Wilson, hero cop, said he was.


Today CNN said that this was not an ambush, but rather a drug deal gone wrong? In the morning? What kind of surreal assholery are we dealing with here?

What the fuck is going on here? Is this a race war developing? Because if that is the case, it certainly will not end well if the heavily armed white folks start shooting back at the slightest provocation.


Is Al Sharpton still in Baton Rouge? Does that stinking, lying piece of rat shit still have a show on MSNBC? For that matter, who gave the stinking, lying, race-baiting piece of shit a show on national TV in the first place? Is the suit and tie really a good disguise for this clown?

Find that motherfucker and hang him or her by the tongue in the town square and let We the People have our way with him.



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Off to the auld sod to gauge eurosentiment

I’m sitting in the airport lounge enjoying a margarita, en route to Shannon International Airport on the western coast of the Emerald Isle. I imagine it will be beer and whiskey from this point forward as I Am spending two weeks here.  I understand that Shannon has a great way of welcoming visitors.

Donald Trump is greeted with music as he and his family disembark from his private plane after arriving in Shannon early this morning before heading to view his latest purchase Trump International Golf Links And Hotel Ireland. Photograph by John Kelly.
Donald Trump is greeted with music as he and his family disembark from his private plane after arriving in Shannon early this morning before heading to view his latest purchase Trump International Golf Links And Hotel Ireland. Photograph by John Kelly.

I can’t make sense of the liquid shit that is this week’s stock market, therefore I am off to Ireland to play some golf Amongst the Gorse. imageThere is much more treachery involved in a round of the Auld Game than there is in the pits on Wall Street.imageThrow in the North Atlantic Coast and it’s  winds and my handicap should balloon like the Dow Jones Industrial Average on a warm July afternoon.image

This is golf the way it was meant to be played, on a links course where attempting to retrieve your errant tee shot can result in a fall to certain death from a 200-foot cliff. Yet certainly there is much to be said when playing on a hole with a castle on it. And a guy in a rowboat. image

Verizon and TD Bank have been notified of my destination. Let’s hope neither fucks it up again as they did when I was in Cabo San Lucas and had to beg the proprietor of the fine establishment (where I had just enjoyed a phenomenal meal in an open-air Spanish garden setting) to allow me to go withdraw some pesos from the nearby ATM (with my Amex Gold Card) as TD completely sucked ass on my notification that I would be in another country – and my Visa card was refused.

Imagine trying that in the States, heh. I did leave three of my golfing buddies at the bar as hostages, and I am thankful that the Amex card worked as advertised and that they were not handed over to the Policia for interrogatorio robusto.

Anyway, The Plan is to hang out in a few pubs (in-between rounds, ancestor sleuthing and castle-hopping) and ingratiate meself with the local Micks to get a feeler on their sentiments re Brexit and other things.

The late Christy O'Connor, Jr.
The late Christy O’Connor, Jr.

I need some perspective, and if my 5/8 Irish blood has a bit o’ luck in it, perhaps some old gaffer in the local Guinness Dispensary will impart some Wisdom of the Ancients to flesh out my golf game.



You  cannot trust the media. Go straight to the source. I trust the British Open will be broadcast on all television sets in all pubs this week.  Debating whether to have a round at Trump’s new course nearby as I hear it is a nice place, maybe the Greatest Golf Course EVAH!image

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Gasoline Glut has hit our shores

Way, way back in April 2016 I posted about the looming gasoline glut due to overproduction in China.. If you click the link at bottom you will open an interactive chart on the EIA website, but here is a visual as well. What you see here is imported gasoline from China and elsewhere, seeking a place to be stored. Go out and buy that F-250. You know you want to. Link to interactive chart is below.


Interactive chart is here ——>  EIA Weekly Gasoline Inventory 1990-2016



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Android is imploding, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it | ZDNet

This blog post is sent from the pristine walled garden of my 12.9 inch iPad Pro™ running iOS9.3.2, and routed magically thru the air, to your Interwebz via an Apple AirPort Express™ (Firmware v7.6.7)  bridged wirelessly to my Apple AirPort Extreme™ (Firmware v7.6.7) router and firewall. It is High Summer here on the Connecticut Gold Coast, and I am enjoying some Schubert with my morning coffee, pumped over Apple AirPlay™ on the AirPortExpress™ at the same time.


This is another shameless plug for AAPL. Disclaimer: yes I own it, I do not give a flying little green crap whether you buy it or sell it, nor do I care about the price that you do.

I can actually write with some authority on the subject of computing as I have spent over forty years in Information Technology and have worked on every platform from the IBM, DEC and Unisys mainframes and minis to early Wang and Xerox workstations to Sun Microsystems SPARCstations to pretty much every network protocol, operating system and minicomputer platform ever devised. I know this shit.

My preferred devices for personal use, based on my own extensive experience, are the Apple Mac running OSX, the Apple iPhone and iPad running iOS, and Apple networking devices. For security, stability and ease of setup and configuration, the Apple Ecosystem is untouched. It works.

Android of course will not disappear, but Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet sums it up nicely by comparing the situation to the OEM’s in the PC business and the limbo they have found themselves in ever since Apple introduced the iPhone and iPad. This is hardware he speaks of, people. Not the operating system itself. Google will continue to make $$$ from Android, but it is tough to be compared to the revenue generated by Apple’s iOS.

Windows 10 (and it’s enterprise variant) is pretty good, in fact it is by far the best Windows OS ever. But it is still Windows and until Microsoft can give us an alternative to the kludge that is based on the same kernel as the original Windows NT (and it’s hardware abstract layer) my opinion will not waver. I write this as I am currently troubleshooting why Flash keeps crashing on my wife’s brand new HP Windows 10 computer. Some things never change.

Steve Jobs and Tim Cook did not give two fucks about your Adobe Flash.
Steve Jobs and Tim Cook did not give two fucks about your Adobe Flash.

This is exactly why the Gloom and Doom written about Apple is sheer nonsense and why Apple will continue to hoover-up over 80% of smartphone and tablet profit. There may be further downside in the next quarter due to anticipated weakness in the next iPhone release. Yet this is still a company that generates obscene amounts of cash, has a cash horde larger than many countries and easily the best management team and corporate ethos around. I am of the opinion that the Price/Earnings ratio is not the best way to determine value, but Apple ceased to be a growth stock long before last quarters watershed event. I would say that the events most important to your definition of the company as a value stock rather than a growth stock are the initiation of the dividend and the listing on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Exodus quickly points out the obvious when you compare the P/E to it’s peers, industry and the market as a whole:


I think most people understand that Apple’s recent collaborations with enterprise vendors are going to be very interesting developments over the next few years. And keep a sharp eye on Apple as it dominates the Patient-Doctor-Hospital human interface via wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and Apple’s secure ecosystem. That R&D money is not simply being thrown at the phones and if that is the way you are currently viewing this cash cow then you are insane and financial advisers should be put in charge of your family trust.

There are more (Android) OEMs scrambling over one another for attention than there are customers to go around. And no wonder. While Android might have 80 percent of device sales, it only pulls in some 20 percent of the revenue.

Apple’s figures here are reversed, which gives the company considerable resources for advertising and R&D into new products. (emphasis mine)

And what about the Android malware toxic hellstew. Another day, another few million Android devices infected with malware. These are not problems that face iOS users, and it’s no surprise that Android users are defecting over to Apple.


Source: Android is imploding, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it | ZDNet

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