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CNN Trivializes Manchester “Incident”

Clown Network News? Celebrity Nothing News? Comedy News Network? Will they ever get it? This is reprehensible.

What the actual fuck? Will CNN ever get how disconnected they are from reality? I actually thought this was satire from a parody account. An “incident”? Seriously? Everyone else on Twitter at the time was investigating, questioning and sharing information to determine whether it was Radical Islamic Terror, a suicide bomber or what-have-you. The big news, of course, was that this attack specifically targeted children and teens with white-hot shrapnel. CNN spent the time investigating whether a celebrity was safe.

I am not heartless. I am happy that the young marginally talented singer is OK. 22 are dead, scores horribly injured from a nail bomb.

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Hillary Clinton Is Running in 2020. Bank On It.

There is an organization called ‘Emerge America’. Founded as ‘Emerge California’ and located in the Communist Heartland of San Francisco, it has been infused with cash and is purportedly now a nationwide organization for training Democratic women to run for office.  A quick perusal of their website propaganda and you would think the Democrats were doing well in the last few elections rather than getting rat-slapped like little bitches. You would assume the rank-and-file were all solidly behind the DNC (you would be wrong about that one). The selective data on the website describing the winning percentage of their trainees, approaching rather lofty numbers, is highly suspect. I doubt they are doing much training in Wyoming and North Dakota:

Do not be fooled, future candidates. as promoting young women is not it’s primary function. It is partially funded by Susie Tompkins Buell, who according to Wikipedia, is “Hillary’s Best Friend”. Emerge America’s primary function is to recruit women to run alongside The Queen in 2020. The corruption of the Podesta-led Democrats is so pervasive that they started planning Shillary’s Third Run on November 9, 2016.

It is a last-ditch effort to keep the Two-Time-Loser relevant. It is the last gasp of the discarded Clinton Legacy…unless of course you ascribe to the theory that the vapid daughter is Heir Apparent rather than The Laughingstock Of Twitter.

I haven’t been writing much recently, since there are really only two stories the media covers any more…Trump’s tweets and Vlad Putin running the country from behind the curtain like the Great Oz.


But back on point. Hillary’s Best Friend has been bankrolling “progressives” for decades. She hosts fundraisers for David Brock and Media Matters at her lavish San Francisco home. The bio of Emerge America’s founder proudly touts Tompkins Buell as her inspiration and idol:

While starting Emerge, Andrea served for 8+ years as Political and Philanthropic Advisor to Susie Tompkins Buell, co-founder of Esprit Clothing and Democratic activist and philanthropist.

Wikipedia paints a different picture of the philanthropist:

In 1990, Tompkins Buell led a leveraged buyout that gained her control of the company, and netted her an estimated $150 million. Esprit emerged from the buyout so deeply in debt that it went into technical default on its outstanding loans within less than two years. In 1997, CEO Jay Margolis banned Tompkins Buell and all members of her family from entering Esprit’s headquarters. Also in 1997, Tompkins Buell filed a lawsuit against Espirit, seeking about $4 million in reimbursements from the company for tax payments she made after selling much of her stake in the company to investors.

A stench follows these people wherever they go.

You can read a lengthy 1997 SFWeekly article about the rise and fall of Esprit here.

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‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’ Updated For These “Eerie Times” Of Fascist Takeover Of The USA

Ahem. Now that I have your attention let me present this week’s media meltdown in a brief blog entry.

What is this? A remake of the 1980’s dystopian (remember that word, comrades) novel about a fundamentalist religious (did I mention CHRISTIAN) takeover of the United States?

Yes, dear reader, it has happened. Margaret Atwood’s dystopian nightmare has been updated to fit into these perilous times following the fascist takeover and suspension of the Constitution of the United States of America by the right wing. Eerily timely.

I did did a search via Google on the phrase “A Handmaid’s Tale”, with the intent of balancing this post with any negative mentions out there in the void. I went through twenty pages of fluff and gushing praise before giving up the Quest. There simply is nothing negative available about this laughable piece of feminist garbage written during the MSM’s manufactured scare re the rise of Evangelical Christians as a voting bloc on the Right. Ralph Reed as Emperor. Laughable.

The irony in all this, of course, is the portrayal of those on the Right as the ones restricting and ultimately suspending the Constitution while we have masked Communist goon squads assaulting senior citizens with pepper spray because they waved a flag at a free speech rally in support of the First Amendment.

Not to mention the preponderance of Pro-Islamic imagery promoted by those wearing pussy hats and dressing as giant vaginas. Because Islam


While simultaneously opposing the Second Amendment. The Agenda is quite clear.

Behold the bullshit:

“A dystopian tale of female subjugation that hits close to home” -Salon

“In a dystopicly polluted rightwing religious tyranny…” -IMDb

“In Trump’s America, The Handmaid’s Tale matters more than ever” -the verge.com

“The Handmaid’s Tale has been feared, banned, and loved. Now it is scaring the bejeezus out of us again” -The Washington Post

“TV’s Most-Chilling Trump-Era Series -Rolling Stone (100 days in, that was fast).

“The Handmaid’s Tale crashes up against Trump” -Politico

One has to wonder what the reaction would be if the misogynists were fundamentalist Islamists, a much more legitimate scenario.

And now we have cast members disagreeing – after the film was released at the trendy-leftist TriBeCa Film Festival – arguing whether the film is “feminist” or not. Apparently, this is serious discussion down in The Village.

Such is the state of the Left, the Democrats, the whole enchilada. It ain’t pretty. But it sure is fun to watch.



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Dat Antifa, Doe!

It is not easy these days being a Marxist out in the Streets of America. Dreams of an Uprising by the masses, led by the winner of the popular vote on November 8, 2016 (Complete with Andrea Mitchell’s hairdo). #RESIST

Things are going from bad to worse for our Anarchist Comrades. First they were beaten in Berkeley like stray dogs by fed-up Patriots like this guy:


Then mercilessly mocked on Twitter:


Now things are getting worse for our Young Communists. Much, much worse. This will not end well for our Millenial Muffins:

Welcome to the real world, my niggas.

But hey, thus is a financial blog, my brothas. Let’s cut to the chase: Pepper Spray. Everybody is using it now, tres chic:

Pepper spray manufacturers are a very bad investment. Everyone is making the stuff. A quick search on Google brings up some surprising numbers:

That is some crazy shit, my niggas. 17,171 items from 3,632 suppliers. The stuff is everywhere, just be cheap as hell. I should buy some just to keep in the vehicles…you never know. But where were we? Ah yes, Investing. Keep far away, my niggas. Case in point: Mace, Inc., selling on the Pink Sheets for years. “A piece of shit penny stock” as the Exodus database search function will tell you as it spits in scorn at the mention. “We are probably doing you a favor”, it admonishes.


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MSNBC Shills Show The Left’s Pathetic Tactics for The Next Four Years


What is it about MSNBC’s talking heads? Is it a requirement to be a recent college grad? A smirking dispshit with an obvious agenda? Just look at this face…what do you see? I see the product of current academia.

I see outright scorn in that face. I see a smug, superior product of our higher education system and I would love to see the résumé of this clownass. This is your fair and balanced mainstream media in action, pandering to it’s young and clueless audience of the mentally ill.

Now you know why they wear masks.

Prepare yourselves. Every race will now be labeled as a referendum on Donald Trump. At this point all the sane can do is laugh:

I thought Mr. Gray handled the idiotic questioning quite well. After being asked whether the race is a referendum on the President, his response was “well it certainly seems as if the Liberals want to frame it that way”.

He came off looking like the adult in the room and the interviewer came off looking like an Internet meme from Berkeley Antifa. Halfway through I was hoping this guy was going to show up with a rebuttal to the blatant assholery:

One question concerned an April Fool’s gag from a competitor and whether or not he took offense.

I think Mr.Gray will make a fine white male congressman. See for yourself, watch the negative shaking of the head while she speaks…and behold the smugness and agenda of the terrified left.

Then you have this guy, my new favorite Jewish Shopkeeper:

His smile at the end is PRICELESS.

We have created an entire generation (Millenials) of Marxist-Leninist assholes.

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Euro “Human Rights Court” Blames Russia For Deaths of Child Hostages in 2004 Beslan Massacre


How fucked-up is Europe? The “European Court of Human Rights” blames those who tried to save hundreds of children from being slaughtered by Chechen Islamists in 2004.

Masked men and women, wearing bomb belts, burst into Beslan’s School Number One, opening fire in the courtyard as a ceremony marking the beginning of the school year was finishing.
The hostages were crammed into their school sports hall beneath explosives strung from the basketball hoops. Their captors were demanding Russian troops pull out of Chechnya.

The “court” claims that the Russian government should have been aware that the Islamist terrorists were going to kidnap schoolchildren and slaughter them. You cannot make this shit up.

After three days of intense negotiations with the terrorists, the government decided to act to try and save them from annihilation. The court claims the Russian troops excessive force – against a heavily-armed band of cowards who had literally strung massive explosive charges right over the heads of the children. The court then levied  a “fine” against Russia.

The court was also critical of Russia’s investigation into the case, saying it was unable to rule whether the force used by the security officers was justified.
“Though the decision to resort to the use of lethal force had been justified in the circumstances, such a massive use of explosive and indiscriminate weapons could not be regarded as absolutely necessary,” it said.
It ruled that Russia should pay 2,9m euros ($3,1m; £2,5m) in compensation.
Countries must comply with the court’s verdicts, although the court cannot directly enforce this.

One can do nothing at this point but hope the French come to their senses and hasten the demise of the EU, the Euro Court of Human Rights and the rest of the globalist shit spewing from the Alt-Left.


If you were a government official, what would you have done after three days? Held talks with these suicidal maniacs? Well?

BEHOLD your Religion of Peace:


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Crazy George Takei Announces Run Against Rep. Nunes, Internet Goes Berserk on April Fool’s Day

Crazed liberals on my Facebook feed fell all over themselves yesterday over an April Fool’s Day tweet from Mister Sulu. Major Alt-Left sites like Daily Kos were sucked in like insects into your Electrolux. Every liberal lunatic who still refuses to admit that FIVE MONTHS AGO Donald Trump was legitimately elected as the 45th President of the United States of America was convinced this was wonderful, amazing and spectacular news.

You cannot make this shit up, folks. Rep Nunes represents the reddest of red districts in Cali, and just won his November reelection with a total approaching 70%.

That Libs fell for this, en masse, shows the level of their desperation, denial and confusion over the results of November 8, 2016.


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Twitter Users Mercilessly Mock Antifa, Antifags go berserk

Hilarious exchanges between various ID’s that have sprung up on Twitter, mocking young white suburban “Anarchists”… who can be seen these days getting their skinny-jeaned asses kicked by moms and dads at Trump rallies.

Spontaneous accounts have begun appearing with names like Beverly Hills Antifa, Scarsdale Antifa, Mar-A-Lago Antifa (LOL), Hamptons Antifa, Aspen Antifa, Greenwich Antifa, Fifth Avenue Antifa and more.

Things went viral by way of Photoshop and just took off from there.

Naturally the “Anarchists” are upset that this is happening, and are organizing a Reportage en Masse to attempt to shut down free speech, which appears to be their modus operandi when not macing women and beating old men at Trump rallies:

I highly recommend you follow all the above Twitter accounts if you want to seriously liven up your Feed.

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