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Tesla Execs Abandoning Ship After Another Online Musk Meltdown

Crashing and Burning as Mush puts on another display of batshittery in a wild podcast. (Zerohedge). Execs jumping ship.

Bonds in Meltdown Mode:

Expect an imminent announcement from Mush on a new Gadget. Perhaps a personal Tesla Tank equipped with front and rear flamethrowers or a personal Space-X rocket ship capable of reaching Mars.

Tesla is dead. Stick a big fucking fork in this POS and flip it. Or place your bets and play the bounces. Good luck. Gamblers who have been propping up this joker are bailing and buying bitcoins. Mercedes-Benz and Audi electrics imminent:

I finally saw a Modal 3 on the street. It is a boring little Chick Car. The owners of the Model S are wealthy, image-conscious people from Greenwich and Darien. The owner of a Model 3 (what an asinine name, btw) clearly wants his image to be that of a Nerd. It is just a stupid-looking car. And don’t get me started on the “minimalist” interior and the concept of the operating it from a tablet on the dashboard. And the Model X SUV is another disaster from a design standpoint. Fugly. Pontiac Aztec-worthy fugly. Did Tesla really think that the buyers of luxury automobiles want less stuff in their vehicles? The concept is absurd and one glance at the Options List of any European manufacturer will show the folly quite clearly. It is not hard to double the cost of your new Porsche Panamera.

Here you go, Mush Fanbois! Complete with EuroDisco Deep House soundtrak

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  1. juice

    Right one cue. Must be time to swing it to the long side, again. Thanks!

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  2. numbersgame

    “Gamblers who have been propping up this joker are bailing and buying bitcoins.” Yup.

    Alos, agree on the Model 3: it is boring looking. Worse: have you seen the guage cluster? There isn’t one. Instead there is ONE flatscreen tablet located **in the middle of the car**. No Heads-Up Display, either, so drivers will have to turn their head from the road to see just how fast Autodrive will run over that pedestrian crossing the road.

    They are going to refund a lot of deposits.

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