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CNBC Panic Photos Compilation – Chicken Little Edition

On this fine day with the DJIA currently up over 500 points, let’s have a trip down memory lane to the last two weeks during a mild 10% correction. Oh, there was plenty of prose involved, but  I’m busy today, so pictures will have to suffice.


And what compilation of panic would not be complete without Gartman? Does anyone outside of CNBC take this clown seriously at this point?




Even the Asians are in PANIC


Either this guy just lost a bundle or he is suffering from severe constipation:


Oh. The Drama.


What at panic would be complete without a look back at Occupy Wall Street?



I just told my clients to buy heavily as we are swiftly heading to Dow 30K. How can this be?








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  1. sarcrilege

    CNBC – Cunole Business Clown station with its cuckahead cucks

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