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Dat Antifa, Doe!

It is not easy these days being a Marxist out in the Streets of America. Dreams of an Uprising by the masses, led by the winner of the popular vote on November 8, 2016 (Complete with Andrea Mitchell’s hairdo). #RESIST

Things are going from bad to worse for our Anarchist Comrades. First they were beaten in Berkeley like stray dogs by fed-up Patriots like this guy:


Then mercilessly mocked on Twitter:


Now things are getting worse for our Young Communists. Much, much worse. This will not end well for our Millenial Muffins:

Welcome to the real world, my niggas.

But hey, thus is a financial blog, my brothas. Let’s cut to the chase: Pepper Spray. Everybody is using it now, tres chic:

Pepper spray manufacturers are a very bad investment. Everyone is making the stuff. A quick search on Google brings up some surprising numbers:

That is some crazy shit, my niggas. 17,171 items from 3,632 suppliers. The stuff is everywhere, just be cheap as hell. I should buy some just to keep in the vehicles…you never know. But where were we? Ah yes, Investing. Keep far away, my niggas. Case in point: Mace, Inc., selling on the Pink Sheets for years. “A piece of shit penny stock” as the Exodus database search function will tell you as it spits in scorn at the mention. “We are probably doing you a favor”, it admonishes.


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