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MSNBC Shills Show The Left’s Pathetic Tactics for The Next Four Years


What is it about MSNBC’s talking heads? Is it a requirement to be a recent college grad? A smirking dispshit with an obvious agenda? Just look at this face…what do you see? I see the product of current academia.

I see outright scorn in that face. I see a smug, superior product of our higher education system and I would love to see the résumé of this clownass. This is your fair and balanced mainstream media in action, pandering to it’s young and clueless audience of the mentally ill.

Now you know why they wear masks.

Prepare yourselves. Every race will now be labeled as a referendum on Donald Trump. At this point all the sane can do is laugh:

I thought Mr. Gray handled the idiotic questioning quite well. After being asked whether the race is a referendum on the President, his response was “well it certainly seems as if the Liberals want to frame it that way”.

He came off looking like the adult in the room and the interviewer came off looking like an Internet meme from Berkeley Antifa. Halfway through I was hoping this guy was going to show up with a rebuttal to the blatant assholery:

One question concerned an April Fool’s gag from a competitor and whether or not he took offense.

I think Mr.Gray will make a fine white male congressman. See for yourself, watch the negative shaking of the head while she speaks…and behold the smugness and agenda of the terrified left.

Then you have this guy, my new favorite Jewish Shopkeeper:

His smile at the end is PRICELESS.

We have created an entire generation (Millenials) of Marxist-Leninist assholes.

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  1. BenCBrainard

    Holy shit, she’s an idiot. haha. I’m going to go tell all my friends not to shop here. Her friends will say, yea but he’s got cheap booze, cmon

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  2. uglyflint

    The left has controlled academia since the hippie sixties. Very grim for the future of the conservative cause. Outnumbered.

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  3. sarcrilege

    The trouble is that women no longer get good, old fashioned, hard and frequent loving; and they miss it; and then they act out like this because they are not getting enough good dick:

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