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Are Your Shares Of $GOOG Safe As ATT and Verizon Pull Ads?

There are Bad Things on the Internets. Yes, it is true. ATT&T and Verizon announce, with appropriate Gravitas, that they are “pulling ads from non-search Google networks” as calls mount to clean up things that might sear the retinas of certain sensitive individuals.

In other words, they are not pulling ads from Google. So now we have to worry about the easily offended snowflakes who might see something they deem offensive on YouTube? Not gonna happen. This is Advertising, people. It is irresistible to decent capitalists trying to make a buck. And it is all automated with a lot of randomness to go along with the targeted stuff.

Don’t be a RUBE. Everyone has already thrown the entire marketing budget at Google and to a much lesser extent it’s competition. Nobody will be reallocating to arcane print adverts. The Advertising Director at your local rag may be getting all gayed-up about this news (considering his/her work life must be hellish) but there will be no cash flow increase in the foreseeable future for the Pundits at The Daily Spew.

That is unless this thing catches fire and in this day and age anything is possible. This is a poison dart aimed squarely at the heart of all that is Google. It is not a coincidence that in many ways $ATT and $V see Google as The Enemy.

I’ll clutch tightly to my $AAPL, continuing it’s usual trajectory – Due North with no worries about the delicate sensibilities of folks traveling Al Gore’s Information Highway.


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