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Here is the PayPal link to help fund Kyle Chapman aka The Stickman

Your Freedom is under attack. Your right to peaceably assemble. Your First Amendment rights to Free Speech.

Help one of our own: the  ‘Alt-Knight’ aka the  ‘Based Stickman’. He has been arrested by the same Berkley cops who were ordered to “stand down” during the recent riots where people were viciously beaten and property was destroyed.

I donated to this Freedom Fighter. You can, too:



We cannot stand idly by while Antifa thugs beat decent citizens. FIGHT BACK.

We we cannot sit idly by, while our country is being attacked by unemployed Communists in the street.

We will NOT be silenced by Communists, Criminals or the race-baiting thugs from “Black Lives Matter” (they don’t matter any more or less than anyone else’s lives). We will defend the First Amendment and we will utilize the Second Amendment if our well-being

I remember, from my long-ago youth, when protesting was a thing of honor.

Sadly, those days are long gone.

We WILL fight back. We WILL win. This is going to get much uglier before it gets better. Be prepared to defend your rights. #MAGA


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