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It’s All About the K-Cup

When you make a trade, they say it’s just really trading against yourself.  I guess they mean, your emotions?  I’ve never felt comfortable trading the style I do because what I do doesn’t exist.  It’s on a black box by a guy I’ve never seen or talked to who goes by the name of The Fly.

The style is Hybrid Trading.

When Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) made it into the “Oversold” buy zone in The PPT, there was nothing going thru my mind about charts, fundamentals or news.  I didn’t check the chart.  I didn’t read and digest the Einhon 101 page PowerPoint presentation.  I just say the trade, it fit the plan and there’s really no more discussion to it.

“You have to believe in yourself.” ~ Sun Tzu

For me, it’s about believing in a system.  If the system doesn’t work, what am I here for anyway?  I might as well sock away some savings into a dividend paying stock and I’ll see you guys in 20 years.  That sounds vaguely like my 401k.  Same concept.  Really no much to it.  You put in money over time and you pray things work.  You hope when a crash comes, you’ve already retired or have several years before retirement.

What is retirement anyway?  That’s another blog post!

Back to the Green Bean … I believe in the system, I trust The PPT and I trust my own risk management.  I see no reason to do otherwise.

It's All About the K-Cup
  • When my shoe is untied .. I tie it.
  • When I need to get squat, I load up the bar and I squat.
  • When I am hungry, I eat.
  • When GMCR goes Oversold, I buy.

I’ve read several books on trading.  I’ve tried some options trading based on charts.

Nothing has been more successful than not over-thinking a trade.  Turning off the noise, the news, the charts, the fancy presentations.

Maybe my lack of experience has helped me because I have nothing else that says I’m wrong.  I have no previous chart work or fundamental analysis.  I see scores, I trade them.  I trust.  There’s not much else to it.

If it’s wrong, I sell.  If it’s right, the same void that told me to buy tells me when to sell.

I’m not tossing and turning hoping for anything.  I won’t lose any sleep over a trade.  In the end it’s only money.  I can make more money.  I can’t make up for lost time, lost sleep or wondering what if?

I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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Is This Guy For Real?

Take 5 minutes and watch the whole video. It isn’t fake. Holy shit.

[YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXO-jKksQkM 603 500]

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