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Stocks Rally -1.4pct!

Stocks could have have completely broke but they didn’t.

The S&P500 managed to claw back over 1850 by the close after falling just below 1830 during the day.

Everything else about the day was awful. So far this is the worst Year of the Monkey ever.





Buckle up, this market isn’t done with you yet.

Go home early and get some sleep. We’ll just start the whole week from scratch tomorrow.

Here are some pictures to color on the ride home…


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.00.53 AM


image image

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  1. juice

    van gogh macke strikes again

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  2. coganj

    That $XLF chart looks like it’s sentiment is Aversian

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  3. wordpoop

    This is the highlight of my day.

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