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When I awoke this morning from unsettling dreams I found myself transformed into a lost toy in Disney’s attic.

Which is what happens when you binge watch the Toy Story trilogy on one rainy Sunday. How did Pixar become the dilapidated corner of Disney no one wants to talk about anymore so fast? Iger paid $7.4b for Pixar in 2006. It was widely thought Disney had paid too much.

It had not. Pixar box office:



In 2010 Toy Story 3 made more than a billion dollars world-wide. It’s a Holocaust allegory the entire family can love. I feel safe in predicting there will never again be a creative force capable of doing $1b in global box office with a heart-warming cartoon about a death camp.

Dinsey rode Pixar into the Avengers then murder-hugged it to death with Frozen, which revealed the depths to which Pixar’s soul had been assimilated by Disney. Frozen also displaced Toys 3 as the biggest animated film ever.

Weep not for Disney. Star Wars will nurse the Avengers into the oven at Disney creative much as the Avengers torched Woody. It’s the circle of Toy life.

Big week. Yahoo and CMG tomorrow. Morning notes in Woody form:



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  1. tradingnymph

    There was another HAND SHAKE, Jeff you are still with us!!!!! ROFL, I never thought of the Day Care Center as a Death Camp in Toy Story 3 but you are right. Plus the Torture of the Villain Strapped to the Front of a Vehicle to meet his certain doom in a slow agonizing fashion was a nice touch too. OUCH, I will never be able to watch it again, lol. Anyway, today Draghi didn’t give up anything new and we have my fav Stanley Fischer talking down Yellen’s Dove Stance later today. With Super Hawk George on tap tomorrow..so I should see my nice sweet Bear Market continue after that EVIL BoJ messed it up last week. Oh, Oh I saw that HSBC is going to stop writing mortgages for Chinese trying to buy up Real Estate in the USA, I think this is the 3rd major Bank that the Chinese Govt got to. This is going to play havoc with Los Angeles’s Multi Million Dollar Listings, No Petro and No Fleeing Chinese Money is going to creator the Real Estate market here, imho.

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