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Shut up and Get in the Unimog

Arnold Unimog
The amount of whining I’ve seen on this site recently is only rivaled by that of ESPN’s Steve Young and Trent Dilfer after last night’s hilarious game.
Suck it up, Trebeck, it’s a bull market!   Benjamin Bernanke has decreed that all asset markets should rise in honor of Grand Marshall Obama and, well, you know what they used to say to Yul Brynner in pajama pants, right? “So it is written, so it shall be done.”  And that’s it.

So get in the Unimog.  We’re gonna let Arnold drive, and roll over some bears even as the world collapses.  And don’t worry about Romney.  He’ll be fine, especially after the debates when he shows President Empty Suit what an economics degree looks like.  Maybe some of you fanboi’s might take notice as well, though I’m not holding my breath.

What do you know? One of my favorite “grandmama” stocks has broken out — Urstadt Biddle Properties (NYSE: UBA).  Why? Because they own scarce retail real estate in one of the richest areas on this earth outside of never-fail-land, Washington, D.C.  That would be Westchester, Fairfield and Putnam counties, otherwise known as the fully developed northern suburbs of New York City.  It never fails — when scare resources are chased by too many dollars, their value rises.  Just like gold, just like silver.  I love the management as well.  The eponymous octogenarian CEO and majority owner, Charles Urstadt, is an old school Dartmouth athlete, who still swims around the island of Manhattan in his spare time.  He is a pisser around the bourbon bar as well.  Go up to Greenwich and see him, why don’t you?  Buy and hold forever.

Almost all my gold and silver favorites are approaching buy levels again, and these will hold til Santa day, minimum.  I really like AUY here on the gold side.  For silver, I like AG.  A lot.

If you are going to cry about something, don’t let it be for stocks or a stupid replacement ref.  Let it be for some light that has passed from the earth.  Like the bright light of Luciano Pavarotti, the angelus.  I saw Puccini’s  Tosca last weekend and it was sublime, but the first opera I ever saw (only some six years back) was another Puccini masterwork… Turandot.  Check out this famous aria from that classic, as sung by Luciano… give it a second and you will recognize it I have no doubt.  Does it not transcend all boundaries, all tastes?

It is a blessing, there’s just no other description:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW1w1ryYQDw 450 300]

Best to you all.




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