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The Kid Is Back in the Picture

golden baby

I think there’s some good news in the commodity sector.  I still don’t trust the silvers yet (under 200 day MA’s still)though I’m holding every last one.   I like Thompson Creek Metals Company, Inc. [[TC]] and Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] here a lot.   Monsanto Company [[MON]] is still sick, but [[TBT]] may be a purchase tomorrow as well.

I’ve been running myself ragged here, so the joozy picks will have to wait for tomorrow, but I’ve some nice looking juniors– NovaGold Resources Inc. (USA) [[NG]] , Northgate Minerals Corporation (USA) [[NXG]] , New Gold Inc. (USA) [[NGD]] and [[BAA]] — that I think will be worth your while.   [[BIOS]] should also be bot with all due prejudice. 

Let’s see what Intel Corporation [[INTC]] does for us here, too tomorrow.   But the best news would be for the Obamarxist’s socialized medicine plan to get shot down.  The Obamanists  say they’ll do it even without any GOP votes at all — which is hubris beyond all understanding, and political risk,  if one is a thinking prudent Dem.   I just don’t see that happening on such a third rail issue as the destruction of our innovative and life-saving  modern health care system.   They haven’t all swallowed the kool-aid down in Jonestown yet.

So there’s hope, which may give a boost to this market that means more than fat tech earnings.   More talk of juniors and such tomorrow.  Jacksons commentary below.   Best to you all.

Name/     % Portfolio Portfolio     
Ticker 13-Jul 14-Jul Change Value Impact   Comments
ANDE  $        27.37  $     27.97 2.19%  $        8,445.05 0.11%   Got an oversold rebound 
EGO              8.47           8.71 2.83%            8,161.27 0.14%   Closed just above 20&50 day (8.69)
GDX            35.93         36.76 2.31%          11,125.91 0.15%   $HUI Bounce trade working nicely here
GLD            90.19         90.81 0.69%          10,443.93 0.04%   approaching 20 day @ $91.11
IAG              9.32           9.65 3.54%          11,898.89 0.25%   Closed over 50 day ($9.61)
MON            73.55         74.70 1.56%            4,381.23 0.04%   Held over $70, approaching 20 day ($75.61)
NRP            21.37         21.34 -0.14%            4,429.22 0.00%   Back over 20 day, 50 day @ 21.95
PAAS            17.99         18.24 1.39%          10,954.95 0.09%   Needs to get over $19 to break DT
RGLD            39.32         39.54 0.56%          10,925.67 0.04%   Still under 200 day @ 39.68
SLV            12.66         12.72 0.46%          10,331.44 0.03%   Still bouncing off 200 wk MA,  as noted
SLW              7.68           7.88 2.60%            7,654.13 0.12%   Still well under all MA’s
SSRI            17.73         17.93 1.13%          10,430.48 0.07%   In consolidation zone, below all MA’s
TBT            49.02         50.63 3.28%          10,085.66 0.20%   Breaking downtrend today, may get more
TC            10.20         10.72 5.10%            5,028.86 0.15%   Launching again, may be back in tomorrow
TCK            16.47         17.15 4.13%          11,402.93 0.28%   Above all the MA’s again, looks good
TZA            24.45         23.99 -1.88%            4,832.81 -0.05%   Fading, but holding hedge
Cash (000)  $         0.03  $    26.42 0.01%        26,420.79 0.00%   Same
AVG (daily)     1.75%  $ 166,953.22 1.66%    
AVG (monthly)   -1.00% Actual      
AVG (inception)   11.22% Return 11.30%    

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A Semi-Vacation Week

  [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82Wc92bFiZk 450 300] 

My apologies for being so scarce this week.  You heard about the Dylan concert and all that, but perhaps you didn’t know I had relations in all week.  There were relations activities to attend to, the Dylan concert being one of the more pleasant.   Others not as much, but obligatory.  So it goes.

In any case, I sit before you with a down port in a flaccid market.   And yet, I’m serene.  Why is that?  Well, to be honest, its because I”ve been riding this same wave since 2001 and frankly, it’s a familiar poise.   Since that time, it’s never hurt me to buy on pullbacks, no matter how egregious.   With that in mind, I copped another 1k of [[AGQ]] today at $34.95, with the mind that I will get even more if it drops again.  I think silver is just peachy.

Call me psycho.   I can take it.    I own silver at $4.50/oz. and gold at under $300/oz.   Does that give me extra confidence? 

You bet your ass it does.   

 More on the Jackson update as the weekend commences.


 UPDATE:  It’s a horror show, but on the bright side, I built more cash up.

Name/     % Portfolio Portfolio     
Ticker 9-Jul 10-Jul Change Value Impact   Comments
ANDE  $        28.89  $           27.86 -3.57%  $         8,411.84 -0.18%   Sold 1/2 on break of $28.90 (8,725.60)
EGO              8.10                 8.27 2.10%             7,748.99 0.10%   Bounced close to 200 day ($7.85)
GDX            35.31               35.14 -0.48%           10,635.59 -0.03%   200 day MA is $32 ish
GLD            89.51               89.58 0.08%           10,302.47 0.00%   200 day = $88.26
IAG              9.22                 9.10 -1.30%           11,220.72 -0.09%   Back at the top of the consolidation zone
MON            72.56               71.34 -1.68%             4,184.16 -0.04%   Needs to hold above $70- but oversold
NRP            20.40               20.63 1.13%             4,281.86 0.03%   Needs to hold above $20
PAAS            17.16               17.29 0.76%           10,384.38 0.05%   Some firming past two days.
RGLD            38.50               38.98 1.25%           10,770.93 0.08%   Tapped $38 twice this week, closed up.
SLV            12.67               12.50 -1.34%           10,154.35 -0.08%   I bot 1k more AGQ at 34.95 on Friday
SLW              7.44                 7.46 0.27%             7,246.17 0.01%   Approaching oversold on the weekly
SSRI            17.46               16.94 -2.98%             9,854.57 -0.18%   Could go to $15, even, watching.
TBT            49.45               48.41 -2.10%             9,643.43 -0.12%   Next major support @ $46, if no hold here
TC            10.01                 9.79 -2.20%             4,592.58 -0.06%   Could target 50 day ($9.11)
TCK            15.84               15.46 -2.40%           10,279.25 -0.15%   200 day @ 14.78
TZA            26.67               26.28 -1.46%             5,294.13 -0.05%   May add to this next week, with cash
Cash (000)  $       26.42  $         26.42 0.01%         26,420.79 0.00%   Increased $8,725.60 on half sale of ANDE
AVG (daily)     -0.82%  $  161,426.21 -0.70%    
AVG (monthly)   -4.34% Actual      
AVG (inception)   7.10% Return 7.62%    

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A Plate of Offal


But really not a horrendous day for the Jacksonians, which gives one pause, no? 

Now the PM’s are resuming their slide, and I can’t help but think it’s “of a piece” with the Treasury’s desperate need to sell bonds here.  Again, we continue to see opportunity, as I think it’s unlikely that gold will fall much below $890-ish on a per oz. scale, and I would be shocked to see it claw back to $850.  In the event it does, however, I will be manning the one man oompah-band, complete with bass drum, polka accordian and egregiously long slide trombone in order to advertise to the world — via drum majorette high kicks — that this is the time to back up the truck and buy.  

In the meantime, I will continue to convert my more esoteric picks (non-Jacksonian) and hedges of large positions into cash for additional rodent-like hordings of shiny metals.   In fact, should gold break $900 again, I will “do my part” and for the first time since 2001 start buying physical again.   If the Comex geeks want to “play that,” Homey will be obliged.

I have included a “weighted return” in today’s review (from yesterday’s close), so you can see how much each individual position actually returns.  As you can see, the actual $150,000 original investment is up a little more than the “pick alone” number, thanks to cashing out on a few loser, and thereby having them a lesser portion of the portfolio.   As a result, I will likely add to some Jacksons soon with the cash and hedge amounts ( [[TZA]] and Cash are equal to almost $23K at this point — or 14% of the portfolio) when the time is right.   That may be soon, fwiw.

Name/     % Portfolio Portfolio     
Ticker 6-Jul 7-Jul Change Value Impact   Comments
ANDE  $            29.67  $        29.96 0.98%  $      18,091.79 0.11%   Still trending.
EGO                  8.75              8.79 0.46%            8,236.23 0.02%   Hanging on, relative strength today
GDX                36.94            36.51 -1.16%          11,050.24 -0.08%   Hanging at 50% retracement
GLD                90.76            90.71 -0.06%          10,432.43 0.00%   Relative strength
IAG                  9.93              9.99 0.60%          12,318.13 0.04%   One of my strongest golds
MON                73.26            72.62 -0.87%            4,259.24 -0.02%   Down not so bad, considering.
NRP                20.70            20.38 -1.55%            4,229.97 -0.04%   Sold 1/2 on break of $20.50
PAAS                17.83            17.71 -0.67%          10,636.64 -0.04%   Expected to test $17 again.
RGLD                39.04            39.19 0.38%          10,828.96 0.02%   Oversold, $38 a possibility today.
SLV                13.10            12.89 -1.60%          10,471.16 -0.10%   Oversold, but 200 week beckons (12.40)
SLW                  7.75              7.80 0.65%            7,576.43 0.03%   Support @ $7.50
SSRI                18.20            17.91 -1.59%          10,418.85 -0.10%   $17 likely goal.
TBT                50.94            50.19 -1.47%            9,998.01 -0.09%   Waiting for bond market to resolve
TC                10.07              9.82 -2.48%            4,606.66 -0.07%   Could target 50 day ($9.00)
TCK                16.88            16.15 -4.32%          10,738.03 -0.28%   Gave back most of prior day.
TZA                24.34            25.86 6.24%            5,209.53 0.20%   Portfolio saver again, still 1/2 position
Cash (000)  $          13.44  $      17.69 0.01%        17,694.95 0.00%   Increased on 1/2 sale of NRP
AVG (daily)     -0.38%  $ 166,797.25 -0.40%    
AVG (monthly)   -1.50% Actual      
AVG (inception)   10.80% Return 11.20%    

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Patience Warranted


Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] is the strongest of the litter, here, and most of the precious still have work to do.  The silvers in particular are giving me agita, but only in that they are making me wait.

I bot some more Silver Wheaton Corp. (USA) [[SLW]] today as it tested its 38.2% fib, and [[PAAS]] and Silver Standard Resources Inc. (USA) [[SSRI]] had similar (though not as severe) pullbacks today.   Seasonally, we’ve entered into a slow period in the PM’s, but I am just not willing to sell anything right now, given the precariousness of the bond and dollar situation.   Sure, we could have more strength in both, but I just keep looking at the amount they have to sell this week (hat tip to Scum Bucket), and… well, let’s just say hard money is looking a lot more appetizing, and I’m getting ready to reload on more [[TBT]] . 

Of my non-Jackson’s Allied Nevada Gold Corp. [[ANV]] was actually a gold miner that was up today, and I’ve already mentioned that I increased my position in Rubicon Minerals Corp. (USA) [[RBY]] .   Pretty soon I’m going to look like a gypsy Queen with gold and silver (and a touch of platinum, though I’ve yet to add to my starter position in [[PTM]] yet) dangling off my fingers, toes, ears and dreadlocks.

But that’s what our major theme is going to be here, folks, for the duration, so get used to it.  Soon, you’ll thank me for my persistent nagging.  In fact, it’s quite likely that someday, you’ll be adorning your children in “just 4 Kids” NY Giant paraphenelia in my honour (sic), and sending them off to college with tuition bills paid for in gold doubloons and pieces of eight.

I have every confidence.   All I need is the patience of a Bengal tiger in the deep brush on the annual Marlon Perkins’ Eat a Safari Tourist Day.  

Non PM picks I like, if you’re interested, include [[BIOS]] and Health Grades, Inc. [[HGRD]] here.   Best to you all.

Name/     %    
Ticker 2-Jul 6-Jul Change   Comments
ANDE  $                 30.89  $               29.67 -3.95%   Bounced off 20 day, sell on break $28.90
EGO                       9.25                     8.75 -5.41%   Closed a cent over the 50-day ($8.74)
GDX                     38.31                   36.94 -3.58%   Gapped down, doji’d, 200 day $35.94 
GLD                     91.25                   90.76 -0.54%   POG $925 headed for $900?
IAG                     10.34                     9.93 -3.97%   Bounced off 50 day, patience, a keeper
MON                     71.96                   73.26 1.81%   Bounced as I suspected, but vol. sucks
NRP                     20.77                   20.70 -0.34%   Still oversold, but hanging in.
PAAS                     18.22                   17.83 -2.14%   Looking weak, still.
RGLD                     41.52                   39.04 -5.97%   Below 200 day EMA, looking weak
SLV                     13.16                   13.10 -0.46%   Oversold, but 200 week beckons (12.40)
SLW                       8.40                     7.75 -7.74%   Closed penny over the 38.2% retrace, I bot.
SSRI                     18.79                   18.20 -3.14%   Doji’d but could seek $17 one more time
TBT                     50.73                   50.94 0.41%   Looks ready to make a move
TC                     10.36                   10.07 -2.80%   Could target 50 day ($9.00)
TCK                     16.09                   16.88 4.91%   Chinese investment give a pop.
TZA                     23.63                   24.34 3.00%   Portfolio saver again, still 1/2 position
Cash (000)  $               13.44  $              13.44 0.01%   Same
AVG (daily)     -1.76%    
AVG (monthly)   -1.14%    
AVG (inception)   11.26%    

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Give me More of These “Days Off,” Please

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MXiUzCl9As 450 300]

Today I spent much of my “holiday”  (official, not actual) working on my bocce court in the blazing Southern sun.  Let me say that it’s days like this that give one an appreciation for manual labour (sic), though no avocation for it, let me assure you.

Know first that this bocce court is actually a 2+ year old “birthday present” from my loving wife, who — in a moment of true inspiration — thought that a bocce court would recall for me both fond memories of New York and my then-recently departed father– who though an Irishman through and through, loved the game like no other.  I was less enthusiastic, having a natural aversion to yard work of any kind, and this was looking more like “yard project” — a far more grim prospect.

The good woman persisted however.  We have a relatively large backyard, and she figured it would fit nicely at the far end, back by the willow trees.   As you might expect, this all ended up in the nightmarish category of  “never ending project,” where I’ve played the roles of designer, architect, general contractor, and — most recently — landscape engineer.

Mr first problem was that there was a dearth of Italian carpenters in my locale.   Well, “dearth” is a bit of a euphemism… actually, there were none.  There’s a restaurant downtown that has a bocce court, but I think they imported the guys who built it — a middle of the night operation.  What’s more,  the materials called for in the on-line plans we’d procured called for oyster shells and other exotic ingredients not readily available at the local Home Depot.   My loving bride would not be thwarted however, and she found a willing contractor who claimed he’d have no problem following our guidelines.

Never believe a contractor who says that kind of thing, okay?  They always have a problem, somewhere.  This one had all kinds of trouble grading my yard to a flat enough plane to lay out the 60′ court.   Three times he had to come in with the backhoe.   My two year old (at the time) loved it, at least.   After that, everything was “special supervision” on a Weekend Warrior basis– for the love of all green currency and compound interest.

So we finally got the court laid out and the sand, gravel and finally red brick dust (my secret ingredient to replace the “oyster shells” the online plan called for.  Note: I’ve never played bocce on oyster shells, that must be some kind of freaking West Florida bocce or something) placed within the 60 ‘x 10′ two by six pegged planks.   I was the one who personally laid down the brick dust,  after it was deposited by the dumptruck, btw.   I would trust no one else with it.  The old highball throwing Eyetals from Carroll Gardens would’ve been proud of my zen-like focus.

It was a beautiful thing up until the first major rains.   This is when I noted that “the ease of drainage” promised in my plans was a pile of horse.   The only thing that drained easily was my brickdust, down the side of the hill, out of a gaping hole carved by the rain on the lower slope of our planed lower yard.

So that’s been my Spring project this year – re-graveling and then shoring up my bocce court with various landscaping fascia, including, most recently, massive bricks of some unknown ground composite material.  I finished the last of it today, much to my lumbars’ chagrin.   My neighbors only chuckle knowingly at my Quixotic efforts and then go back to their more red-neckish pursuits of “corn-hole” (I do not jest) and deep fried turkey leg gnawing.

Tomorrow, however, we will have our annual Jakegint’s Dad Fourth of July Tournament,  along with Son #2’s 12th birthday.   God and my lower back willing, I will dazzle the locales with my ball curling prowess and it will be all worth it. 

God bless America and the Eyetalians who braved the cold Atlantic and  Ellis Island to bring us the perfect summer ale drinking sport.  Salud, and a Happy Fourth to you all. 


Here are Wednesday and Thursday’s Jackson Port looks.  Nothing especially egrgegious save MONster, which I may have to cut completely loose upon a break of $70.   As you recall, I’ve a half position right now, and I think it’s so oversold right now, that no bounce here means extreme trouble, and therefore a recommended disposal.  Gold looks like it’s holding up here, which, as I’ve mentioned,  I believe means good things for silver as well.  The non precious metals seem strongest of all.  See my notes for further comment.  

Name/     %   %    
Ticker 30-Jun 1-Jul Change 2-Jul Change   Comments
ANDE  $           29.94  $      31.34 4.68%  $        30.89 -1.44%   Still riding the 8-day EMA like a champ
EGO                 8.95            9.17 2.46%              9.25 0.87%   Up, but on low volume.
GDX               37.82          39.41 4.22%            38.31 -2.79%   Low volume, just below the 50 day EMA
GLD               91.18          92.39 1.33%            91.25 -1.23%   Ditto,  POG just under $930.
IAG               10.12          10.65 5.24%            10.34 -2.91%   Bounced off 20 day EMA (10.06)
MON               74.34          73.20 -1.53%            71.96 -1.69%   Totally oversold, but sell <70 .
NRP               21.01          20.97 -0.19%            20.77 -0.95%   Ridicluously oversold, but sell < 20.50
PAAS               18.33          18.86 2.89%            18.22 -3.39%   Back in congestion zone.
RGLD               41.69          42.43 1.78%            41.52 -2.14%   200 day at $39.67
SLV               13.38          13.55 1.27%            13.16 -2.88%   Bot AGQ @ $39.20 yesterday
SLW                 8.24            8.55 3.76%              8.40 -1.75%   Closed right on the 200 day EMA
SSRI               18.75          19.07 1.71%            18.79 -1.47%   Close below 200 day EMA
TBT               50.92          51.06 0.27%            50.73 -0.65%   Still haven’t bot back yet… soon.
TC               10.22          10.38 1.57%            10.36 -0.19%   Still strong, above 20 day EMA
TCK               15.94          16.78 5.27%            16.09 -4.11%   Closed right on the 20 day EMA
TZA               22.75          21.54 -5.32%            23.63 9.70%   Portfolio saver today, still 1/2 position
Cash (000)  $          13.44  $     13.44 0.01%  $      13.44 0.01%   Same
AVG (daily)     1.73%   -1.00%    
AVG (monthly)   1.73%   0.65%    
AVG (inception)   15.12%   13.71%    

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Bernie Madoff, Prison Bride

Bernie Madoff, Prison Bride

So they gave Bernie 150 years in the slam. Sounds like a big deal, but I bet he doesn’t do 12… this side of the daisies, at least. Hey fugheddaboudit, he might even escape the above elaborate costume by becoming the “prison accountant” and doing Bubbah’s taxes every year. Can you see it?

Bubbalah, I have news! Yoah tax refund estimates out at 16 cahtons of Marlboro Reds and a case of Mint Jelly Spam. No, dahling, it is no trouble.  You just pay me my “dahposit” of five cartons, and we can get the ball rolling on this new “thing” right away!

He should be fine.

But enough about old Bernie.  Let’s face it, he’s getting what he deserves, and that’s what we’re all about on the Jacksonian Plan too.   Right now, it looks like the market is taking its time taking a decision.   Will she run up to the top of the hill at 960 again, or jump off the cliff righ here at 926-ish, and end it all, emo lemming style?   I admit I don’t know, as today was a veritable “stick in the mud” despite the drop in the dollar and the increase in oil prices.

Earnings are still coming out favourably (sic) in some industries, including health care and selected technologies.  Aging pension filler behemoths like Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson [[JNJ]] , Amgen, Inc. [[AMGN]]  , Merck & Co., Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. [[MRK]] and even good old staple stock Pfizer Inc. [[PFE]] are starting to look like they’ves got some gusto here, and the Jackson’s seem like they want to go into hibernation.  

That doesn’t mean there’s not money to be made, however, and on top of the Jacksons I’ll be watching these nutty juniors like Allied Nevada Gold Corp. [[ANV]] and Rubicon Minerals Corp. (USA) [[RBY]] , and some key techs that The PPT has been alerting me to.   Two I purchased today were Fly’s current hot pick [[ARMH]] and perennial PPT favourite (sic) [[BIOS]] at $6.02 and $5.83 respectively.  I am also waiting on an entry for TEKELEC [[TKLC]] , perhaps tomorrow.  

In the meantime, the only Jackson that I think looks appetizing here is [[TBT]] , as I think it’s getting very cheap again.   I continue to monitor the silvers closely, however, as they’ve been volatile lately.  That said, the spot price of silver is back above $14 tonight, and gold is back over $940 again.   Good signs.

 I promise to make myself more available tomorrow, and keep you updated on the purchases and sales, if any.   Good night for now.

Name/     %    
Ticker 26-Jun 29-Jun Change   Comments
ANDE  $      30.23  $      29.91 -1.06%   Low volume pullback.  Keeping an eye.
EGO            9.40            9.45 0.53%   Plateauing.
GDX          39.20          39.15 -0.13%   Hanging on the 20-day
GLD          92.29          92.04 -0.27%   POG over $940 now.
IAG          10.48          10.30 -1.72%   Low volume pullback.  
MON          75.25          76.20 1.26%   Still a lot of work to do.
NRP          20.82          21.02 0.96%   Watch for break of bear flag here.
PAAS          19.08          18.55 -2.78%   Turned away at the 200 & 50 day
RGLD          42.07          42.97 2.14%   Low volume retrace, not trusting.
SLV          13.90          13.66 -1.73%   POS back above $14 this evening.
SLW            8.72            8.52 -2.29%   Between the 50 and 200 day EMA.
SSRI          19.52          19.16 -1.84%   Same as SLW
TBT          50.84          50.65 -0.38%   Very slight pullback… looking to add again
TC          10.44          10.57 1.25%   4th upday, on light volume
TCK          16.56          16.06 -3.02%   Low vol, still above 20, 50, and 200.
TZA          22.50          22.52 0.09%   Flat on low volume. Do or die, here.
AVG (daily)     -0.56%    
AVG (monthly)     -6.96%    
AVG (inception)     14.80%    

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