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Please don’t come looking for market advice today.  I am in Nirvana, without Kurt Cobain, after my Giants have destroyed the Green Bay Slackers in the Chilly Tundra of Green Bay.  This was despite a ridiculously bloated spread (disrespect), and the full participation of the referees for the Cheesehead Cause.

Thank you Hakeem, Eli, Victor, Ahmad, Osi, Justin and of course, Jay Pee Pee.  You gave me a great, if undeserved day today.

And let me just say, fifteen wins or not, if you have the worst defense in the league, that stuff is going to bite you in the ass sooner rather than later.  Especially in the playoffs.  Note also that the Saints — perhaps the best offense at home in the entire league, could not get it done against the best defense in the league.  Granted, they came damn close (sorry RC), but in the end, it’s defense that wins championships.

I would even go as far as to say that the Raven SHOULD beat the Pats next week, thanks to their dominant defense.  However, I won’t make that call because the Pats are coached by the greatest defensive mind in the National Football League, perhaps ever.  Belichik could construct a playoff-capable defense out of six fat crossing guards and a 100-meter ball of sticky packing twine.   Never, ever count him out.

I know that in my “Jakerodamus” picks thought the Giants would be “one and done” in the playoffs, but this is a brand new team I’m seeing here.  Will they continue to not make dumb mistakes?  Continue to make clutch catches, clutch runs and most important — clutch sacks?  I can envision it.  I really can.

I believe.

Thank you all for putting up with my obsessions.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wn-MIuAfmE 450 300]

A Classic from Four Years Back


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Father’s Day #3

Today the hole is visible


As one more time we ken


What once seemed indivisible,


Is loosed and torn again.



The drum that struck the cadence


Of family’s purposed gate


Provides yet still the valence


That binds we marchers’ fate.



But silence now is stronger


Since rhythm’s final beat.


We find our strides are longer


Though sorrow girds our feet.



For years of rote instruction


And gentle guiding mark


Have built a sound construction


And builder’s path to hark.



Though walk we now all parted


From crashing shores he knew


We sew the pearl seeds charted


In oyster beds he grew



We trouble not how far afield


His issue flies from home


As ever, errant hearts will yield


To sand, and sea and foam



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What is this Lamentation?

Why now this crying, this cringing, this fear?

What ‘ports of market disaster come near?

Come,  there’s no trembling, no reason to hide.

For this day, Brave ‘Drew Jackson, the Dude, will abide.  


Have you good silver and gold in supply?

Use you green paper instead for your chai?

Best keep this warning in back of your mind,

Fed Notes like those will soon buff your behind!


Silver Wheaton, Pan American and S-S-R-I

With bright silver trumpets the thieves they descry!

And their fellows in golden and anthracite hue,

(Gold, Royal GoldNRP name this crew)

Like friends made in foxholes– they will always stay true.


And in our travels, let’s not forget “farmer’s friend:”

Stout “Mr. Anderson” forges an uprising trend.

And those thinking  now of their grandkiddies needs,

Must never disdain Sir Monsanto’s brave seeds.


“Molybdenum’s” fun just to say, if you ask me,

But “TC” is  the name of the stock that will task me. 

Especially when earl and gas spreads ‘come dear,

And Tesoro’s my ‘folios’ sole quit-claiming cheer.


What’s left to us then, in the Jacksonian Core?

But to brandish the bane of that Great Federal Whore?

Yes Ben Bernake, I speak now to thee…

And like a cross to a vampire, hold high TBT!


 ANDE — $22.75  (+0.57%)

GDX — $40.47 (+5.31%)

GLD — $92.25  (+1.42)

IAG – $10.16 (+2.83%) 

MON — $91.83 (+2.49)
NRP — $23.37 (+3.41%)

PAAS — $20.99 (+6.33%)

RGLD – $42.77 (+5.19%)

SLV — $14.10  (+0.86%)

SLW — $9.46  (+3.61%)

SSRI — $22.00  (+5.47%)

TBT — $49.95  (-2.14%)

TC — $9.14 (+1.56%)

TSO — $17.29 (+0.41%)

Daily Average:  +2.69 %


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