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Bring Out Ya Dead!

 [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grbSQ6O6kbs 450 300] 

The above scene brought to you by Obamacare rationing.  Get used to it.  

Seriously, I hate to go on and on, but this Obamacare bill before Congress right now could be the worst legislation rammed through the Congress since the bad old days when Wilson okay’d the Fed and then got the 16th Amendment passed, essentially giving the Federal Gummint the license to meddle with your pay forever.

   You owe it to yourself to take the painful steps to read at least a couple of pages — just open it up in the middle, anywhere — it’s 100% bad from nave to chaps.

And if you aren’t keyed up enough to get angry for your own families’ sake, then at least feel some empathy for the Canadians that will lose their only available avenue to decent healthcare.

Wake up and do the research, America, before you wreck the greatest health care system and innovation purveyor on the globe.  Follow http://twitter.com/fleckman as well, for all the latest on the Healthcare bill.  I’d send you to his blog, but it’s been literally innundated with visitors and therefore cannot handle the traffic at this point.  His stuff on Twitter has links and downloads that are very helpful, however.

Remember, you are a sovereign citizen.   Take back your country from the authoritarians who would order your life for you, and limit your freedom.   Even if you voted for Obama, you didn’t vote for this.


The Jacksons were off a mere tad today (0.4%) but are still returning a blink under 19% since May.   As mentioned Monsanto Company [[MON]] had a huge day, which promises more in future.   Thompson Creek Metals Company, Inc. [[TC]] was up even more, and don’t act like I haven’t been pounding the table on both it and Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] .   I continue to pound.   You must endeavour (sic) to listen.

More on the juniors that I will be purchasing tomorrow.  Until then…

Best of health to you all.


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PPT-Gary, PPT-Ross (David Mamet Guest Blogging)

(Lights up,  Joe Mantegna on a straight wooden chair, simple table, lone ash tray and lighter on top) (Single spot on Joe)

(lighting Marlboro Red)  Look.   Look here.   Look, I will tell you what.  I will tell you this.  This is what I will say.  

These PPT guys.  These guys.   These PPT guys.  (inhale, hold)

What?  There are women too, yes.   (exhale) Yes.  Women and guys.  PPT guys and women.

This is what  I will say:  These PPT  guys can pick some stocks.  Some fucking stocks.  You would not…  No you would NOT.   I assure you, you would not.  There is no way you would.

What?  What?  NO!  I cannot…. I can NOT.  No, I canNOT.   I cannot give you that information.  About the stocks.  About the picks.

(getting animated)

You see, these picks.    The PPT picks.   The PPT picks are for closers.    Closers.  These PPT guys?  They are always closing.  They are always winning.   They are… how can I describe it? How can I describe it to you?  (checks watch)

Okay, okay.   Hold on.   Hold on  a minute.  (drag on cigarette) Hold on.  I will tell you.  (Exhale)

There is a guy there.   His name is “I-Win.”  I shit you not.  His name is “I Win.”   Can I be clearer?  Hello?  Hello?  The man’s name is “I win.”

He has a cat.  What?  A cat, yes, but that…  But that is not important.   Let me tell you, that is not important.  What is important is this:

I Win does two things.   He closes, and he wins.   He wins and he closes.  It’s simple.  It’s magic.   It’s simple magic.  His name… the man’s NAME is“I Win.”  He wins.  Am I clear? 

(drags on cigarette, holds)(pause) (exhales)

Sometimes, even… sometimes,  I win too, when I Win wins! (animated)   Other people win too!  Would I shit you?   Would I?   I would not.   I would not shit you.

No.  Stop.  Full stop.  STOP.  STOP.  This is wrong.  This is all wrong.  This is wrong.   (Pause) Let me… no, stop.   (Pause) Let me start again.   (glances at watch)

(Ten beats)

Have you spoken to the Fly?  (pause to look at audience, make eye contact)

I asked if you have spoken to the Fly?   The Fly, he is the one.  The one to tell you.   He will tell you.   Why would he not tell you?  He would tell you. 

He will tell you the same thing.  Hell, anyone would tell you who has seen it.   Anyone who has seen it.  Not just the Fly.  Anyone.  Anyone would.

Do you think I would not tell you?  I would.   I am.  I mean I am telling you.   I have seen it.  We have seen it.  They have all seen it.    (Pause)

It is extraordinary.   (pause)

“Extraordinary,” yes I said that.   But they all say that.   “Extra-ordinary.”  Like that.  Say it like thatSay it.  No – You say it. (pause)

You need… to ask…. the Fly.  He.  Will.  Tell.  You.    He will tell you about the picks.   The PPT picks.   He will tell you about the PPT picks

(One last look at watch).   Okay.  Okay.  (pause)

Okay, here is one, here is one.  Here is one.   One.  SQNM.  [[SQNM]] is one. 

Do not ask for more.   Do not.   Do not ask.

(lights dim, stabbing out cigarette in ashtray, fade to black) (/scene)


Name 9-Jun % Change   Comments
ANDE  $     31.30 7.49%   Another monster day, headed for $33 (61.8% fib)
EGO           9.21 -0.65%   Rasslin’ between $8.87 and $9.33.
GDX         41.09 -0.51%   Still consolidating last week’s moves.
GLD         93.83 0.29%   POG up again, too.
IAG         10.17 -0.39%   Still meandering.
MON         85.07 2.75%   Big move day, filled gap, sold half my calls from $78
NRP         24.11 0.75%   Looking for a breakout above $24.60 to “prove”
PAAS         21.71 0.98%   Still mopey, could see 21-ish again.  Resting.
RGLD         44.37 0.61%   Could see another touch of the trend line (43.15)
SLV         15.03 1.83%   PO Silver up over 2% as well
SLW         10.29 1.08%   Could easily see $9.80 again. Opportunity there.
SSRI         22.59 2.08%   Still in bullish wedge (down) could see $20.30
TBT         57.22 -0.12%   Completing a coil of beauty, still headed to $60
TC         10.58 8.62%   Could get to 10.96 tomorrow.  Strong like bool.
TSO         15.51 -1.08%   Very close to being canned.   Cannot recommend.
AVG   1.58%    

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