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Deja Vu All Over Again?

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZgQhnNRSuw 450 300]


 The empty suit video above aside, I’d like to direct you to an excellent Wall Street Journal article that reviews the scope of our Entitlement State circa 2012.  It’s not that we have reached an unaffordable precipice (we most certainly have), but that the extent and volume of government fund transfers both in dollar terms and in terms of the percentage of the citizenry receiving transfers has begun to transform our own national character.  The article is appropriately called “Are Entitlements Corrupting Us?”

A lot of U.S.-based  and foreign leftists tend to complain whenever anyone brings up the subject of American Exceptionalism, but I wonder how many of them are enjoying this current slide into mediocrity, and how many will be happy when we’re just another European-type welfare state?  I think quite a few of them have a niggling feeling in the back of their head that something is slowly being lost, much as the rest of us on the other side of the aisle have done.  I don’t think one can help it.  I also cannot believe that the majority– even on the Left– sense this will be a net positive for the world.

But who really knows? Spite and schadenfreude are powerful emotional succors.  One never knows where a person, once corrupted, will get their kicks.


The dollar continues to tumble overnight, but draws near some major Fibonacci support at the high $80.80’s region.  Don’t be surprised if we get a bounce.  Perhaps a weak one, but maybe enough to deflate this current gold and silver run up for several days or even over a week.  I’m cautious here, only because I saw a lot of euphoria last week.  I’m about 60% invested on my PM positions, and will be patient here.

Best to you all.


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Ready for the Rubber Match?

Tex CC Burnett

Not Ready for the Rubber Match, Obviously

The good news is that we should get a really nice bounce here in the next couple of days, and perhaps as early as tomorrow morning. The bad news is that I think we’ll very likely drop another 50 points on the S&P, and may drop as much as 90-150 before we get that rebound.

Here’s what I’m looking for on the $SPX — the only index that really matters here, although one could make a case for shorting the Cubes (QQQ) tomorrow morning as well, as it has yet to drop like it’s brethren.  I think that it’s very likely we get a quick broken elevator tomorrow to 1050, minimum.   If momentum really picks up, it might even drop as much as 90 to the second (red) line here:



And yes, even 950 is a possibility here, if the momentum gets all ragey to the point of the Friday employment numbers.  I really don’t expect that however, as we are egregiously oversold here.   I will be loosing my SKF, TZA and ERY to the trade winds as we visit these levels.  I may keep a base of the Skiffles, however.

Another reason I see the downspike continuing is that the dollar doesn’t seem to be done here, after busting through that resistance at $79 on the index.   I think the next target is the 50% retracement here:


Important to realize here, on this dollar index, however, is that price is finally through the 200 week EMA again, and we have the 13-week EMA finally crossing back over the 34-week EMA, with both on the upswing.   This is not good news for either the market or our precious metal friends, girls and boys.

Get your helmet.  Get two helmets and sit on one.   Protects against land mines.

Best to you, and take good care.


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The Silver Test

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5MKuJ8ZnJQ&feature=related 450 300]

A Masterpiece, and Highly Recommended


I was looking at some silver metal statistics this afternoon and came across and old fibonacci chart of the silver commodity ($SILVER).   It looked to be running into a relatively significant Fib line of support at approximately $39.50.  That line should hold, given the overbought conditions of the dollar, but here’s the daily chart:



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One Last Errand

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MA3406YJUg&feature=related 450 300]

What Goes On at Jake’s Desk Whilst He’s Away

What the hell goes on around here while I’m gone?  I mean, a man takes a couple of days to go on a top secret mission, and the place falls to wrack and ruin.   I come back and my desk is all askew… my papers molested, my fine Cuban cigars gummed and caked with salivatory drool.   What in the bloody blazes has been going on in my absence!?

What’s that?  Random Errand Boys stealing up to my desk and attempting to short the silver lode??   My impulsive young man!  Why not just go bounce on the high-tensile strength trampoline with a fistful of extra-sharpened #2 Ticonderoga Pencils??

Honestly, I just don’t understand the tendency toward self-immolation that pervades this site in my absence.  Why is it some many of you “traders” look to shower yourselves with butane and then engage in “roman candle horseplay” of the most ill-advised variety?   This is not an episode of “Jackass,” this is high-thesis investing!

Don’t you like money?

Why take the high risk trade?  For thrills, a la Beavis, et al?

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XchwE9zVdnw&feature=related 450 300]

It’s nonsensical, I tell you.  If there’s one thing my compadre Gary Savage and I agree on… it’s this maxim: NEVER SHORT A BULL MARKET!

How many times must I repeat it, and still, like moths to the flame, Icarus to the sun and an Obama Voter to a Trans Fat protest march, you insist on ruining your fragile portfolios by playing with pinless grenades whilst cavorting in a cranberry bog.  And here you come again, your fingerless hand-stumps held out in silent imprecation, blaming me for your troubles.

Well, it’s true, I am here to help.   But you mustn’t be led astray again.  Remember, fading over-confidence in certain sectors of this site is almost as sure a signal as an overbought dollar.   Here’s the latest on that curmudgeonly currency, btw… note how we are advancing into significant zone of resistance on this weekly:


Note that I think the dollar can extend all the way back up to that0 $78.10 area, where both the 61.8% golden ratio fibonacci retrace and the rising trend line offer strong resistance.    So don’t be surprised if we pull back a touch more in both the markets and the commodities in the next couple of days as the dollar reaches that resistance level one more time.

After that re-touch, I predict that we will see one final glorious “plungerooni” in the dollar… down to the lows indicated on the above weekly chart.   At this juncture I expect the typical bull here will get drunk on cheap cherry wine and– in the the throes of sock-tongued inebriation– bury his face in the bosom of some local tavern wench.

This, I would contend, would be an ill-usage of your time.   I would rather suggest taking that period to phase out of your remaining long positions including, sadly, your precious metal miners (at least for the nonce), whilst battening down the hatchest with some choice shorts (like the Skiffles).

In the spirit of caution I of course must warn you:  should we break significantly past that $78 dollar index price marking our resistance, all wagers are off, and the window should be closed all the sooner.

My best to you, my Nuttiest of Professors.



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I Bank Monster

Mushroom Monster


Two things of interest this Sunday evening, if you want to stay off the political stuff, that is…

One, our favorite silver stocks have lots of room to run here, and if you’ve missed the boat previously, or disembarked prematurely, there should be plenty of gangplank for you to re-join the pirate party going forward.

EXK is one of my favorites, since I started talking about it back in the $3 range.   It’s amazing how it was nearly given up for dead recently in the big Silver Reversal of 2011, and yet, if you look at it on the weekly, it’s not really had such a drastic downturn after all.   In fact, some historians might call this “a healthy pullback.” Check out this weekly chart if you don’t believe me:

I have another Jacksonian I was watchingbubble up last week, and one I’ve told you to own for the long term, as in “passed down to the grandkids.”  And no, I don’t mean RGLD this time, although you should hold onto that one too.

No this one is the most hated of the hippies who have decided they are going to keep organic (that means fertilizing with cow dung and pushing a plow behind a team of oxen) as their “gold standard,” the poverty stricken populace be damned.   Let them eat heirloom tomatoes, I guess?   In any case, there’s a company that’s looking to feed the world through more robust and pest resistant crop yields, and it just happens to have enough IP in it’s coffers to pull that high bar achievement off.

The company is Monsanto  (MON), and it’s looking like it wants to breach some serious resistance here  on the long term weekly.  There is no resistance more powerful — or support more strong — than at the 61.8% long term Fibonacci line.  This is a significant line for those looking to go long AND short this stock this week:

As ag stocks seem to be taking off, you want to keep an eye on this one, especially if it manages to break that fib barrier this week.  My best to you all, even the hippies.




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Trannies Southbound

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzRCdKbtBYo&feature=more_related 450 300]

The Good Doctor


Looks like the dollar is finally bouncing here, after a couple of weeks of straight hind-mammary sucking.  This will probably also give the market that respite for which you’ve been searching these past crazy weeks.  

As you know I use few lodestones to guide my way here, and a major guide for me is the U.S. dollar, as we’ve discussed.   It’s rare you’ll see the dollar rise and the markets ascend along with it in a weak economic environment like the one we’re experiencing right now.    More likely, any uptick you are seeing in the stock market is a panic move by investors seeking somewhere to hedge them against eroding value of the greenback.  Consequently, a dollar upsurge ought to dampen that enthusiasm.

Take this week to take something off the top, and perhaps look for some bargains– preferably in the precious metal or emerging market sphere.   I’d say ag too, but it’s unclear whether ag will cool down in this “corn prices as high as an elephants eye” environment.  

The Trannies are another “tell” for me, as I like to think I keep an eye on the Dow Theory tells as well.   Let’s be straight up — the Trannies have been performing well this year, and that’s one reason I’ve remained obstinately bullish even through the dire predictions of late summer.  

But even the Transports will have to rest off this strong recent move, and what better place than here at the April highs?   You can see the mini-cup formation as it’s shaping up right now on the weekly:

As you can see, Signor Fibonacci  still smiles on our Transports, and this pullback will likely not take us anywhere below the 61.8% golden ratio limit.  In fact, you can see that despite the slightly overbought RSA and the turning slow stochastics, the Transports are still under heavy accumulation here.

So take a week, fly a kite, stuff a turkey (for practice), make your pet goat a lobster costume for Halloween… whatever.   This may be a week to be out of the market.  

In the meantime, I will be looking at some Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) for apres the bull back.   I love me that Bra-zillion Earl, with its Bra-zillion barrels stored safely below the South Atlantic Sea.  

No worries, I shall have other suggestions as well.   For now, you might consider a spin in the FAZ-mobile.   And consider the source… it’s been a long time since I’ve shorted banks, but this week may be the time…

Best to you all.


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