Bring the Gold


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(Slowly, slowly now… no need to be hasty, but I like RGLD and AEM a lot.)



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  1. We’ll look back at these levels in a year or two and give thanks for the gift.

    • I agree. I’ve bought RGLD in my IRA all the way down. Despite seeing declines in gold/silver favorites I still feel like I am holding something tangible and have every intention of buying more. Hopefully at lower prices still. I have no confidence in governments and their fiat currency, debts, taxes, regulations and meddling. I’d sooner hold a 10 oz silver bar than 3 Benjamins and change.

  2. BRD is not the word.

  3. Gold & Silver stocks up, everything else down.

    Imagine that.


  4. SHit, why didn’t anyone tell me the video didn’t post correctly??



    • The video posted correctly on the ibankcoin app. I actually came here to try and get the link to the explicit version cause all I could find on youtube was edited.

  5. Let us not forget CEF, which holds 95% of its assets in physical gold and silver. The premium is not all that bad…..of course there is GTU for just gold and Sprott has one for just silver……….

  6. Hey Jake, a green day and everyone’s going to play the bounce and bail. What’s your gameplan sir?

    • Bottom is in. Short these stocks at great risk to your balls.

      Not saying we won’t see some more downside, but shorting here is insane.


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