The Tide Shall Rise



And you can bet your ass it will be Crimson.

In the meantime, ANV is hitting it’s 200 week EMA and it looks primed for a bounce to at least $30, as do many in the precious sector.  Oversold like a mothahfathah.  Also, the Russell’s (2k and 3k, in fact, all except Smith) look good here and so do the Trannies (UPS!), but I do not trust the NAZTY NAZ, nor the BKX.  Stay away from tech and financials, at least until there’s clarity.

Best to you all, humans.



17 Responses to “The Tide Shall Rise”

  1. Got a time frame on the recovery in PMs?

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion

      Could be years. 2010 – 2011 was the peak. With no inflation in sight and europe not burning down means we will have to wait. I’ll sell on any 5% pop and buy again after it takes a hit, which is inevitable.
      But you won’t hear this from the gold bugs, in for a penny, in for a pound.

  2. Massive global pump on. I’ll take the other side of Stallone’s bet.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion

      The pump is on but the inflation is not. There is a carefully executed world wide plan in effect here, don’t get caught in the trap.
      Savage is wrong, as usual.

      • There’s no actual pump coming out of the US. QE is sterilized by the reduction in financial assets outstanding in exchange for cash issued. It’s an interest-rate management tool, nothing more. Japan can force inflation over there with overt fiscal policy initiatives, but what initiatives they may take have yet to be seen.

  3. RGLD still on top of your list?

  4. RGLD is on top of mine FWIW. I’ve got time. 10-15 years of it at least. I seriously doubt the precious goes to zero like the globalists expect it to. Faith in gov’t does not suit me. I don’t know why gold and silver is maligned like it is but it is an important part of my portfolio. The same people that said Apple would rise forever are also the same ones that say gold is crap. I hope gold returns to $1K. I’ll happily buy knowing that one day it will be worth more. That’s how investing works. I can’t speak to trading as I don’t do it.

    • Hi Chris, as you are investor what else stocks you own, if may I ask ?

      • I stick with a lot of dividend paying stocks, at least in one account Most biggies you would recognize: Statoil, Exxon, P&G, ADP. Some smaller ones like GOV and LEG. Stuff like that. In another I am allowing myself to be destroyed in gold and silver holdings. Hopefully just short term. AG, RGLD, SLW, etc., plus some physical held local and overseas. Maybe I’ll be rewarded for my patience and loyalty. If not then it’s a bummer but it’s just money and I’m diversified.

  5. Added to RGLD today. Getting CRUSHED, haha.

    • Let’s say we have long time frame. If that’s so, why don’t you wait till hit 70ish or 60is, then buy and hold.
      Actually that’s my question toward myself, cause I agree with you in a sense.

  6. The $HUI looks horrible. I’m going to wait until the venerable Mr. Partridge gives us the green light.

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