Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Breaking Away

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Breaking away for a second to remind you to pay attention here.  We are headed into Santa Claus territory, and I don’t think it will be coincidental when we see the gold and silver elves coming out for their annual drunken bacchanal.

I am hoping that on Friday I will have moved a large amount of money from “here” unto “there,” and then will have some time to sport about with you, old time style, half-inebriated and full of fun.  Until then, GDX, GDXJ, and yes, even NUGT will be attractive in the Christmas season.  On the silver side, those of you who have cursed and gnashed your teeth about EXK can consider this the time to “make your bones,” or whatever other ethnic cliche you’d like to use.   AG is still my favorite silver dog, and SLW and SIL my core recommendations for the noobs.  That said, PAAS and MVG can be berry berry good to those of a speculative bent.

More speculative than any of those, however, is AAU and TC.  If you have 2% of your portfolio that you reserve for dice throwing at 3 AM in a dirty alley laden with crack whores and vein poppers, then those are your available plays.  Do not cry to me if you are blackjacked, but please remit 15% to the Salvation Army if you do bank coin.

Best to all of you, and hoping to spend many days of merry and bright with you in the latter part of this month…


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  1. kohai


    Hope all is well with you and yours sir..

    Eyeing my copy of Winter’s Tale and looking forward to seeing some snow soon. Thank you again for sharing that book, I would have missed it otherwise.

    Will look forward to your posts later this month, good luck with all until then.

    • Jakegint

      Be sure to read his other stuff too… A Soldier of the Great War is awesome, as is Memoir from an Antproof Case.

      He’s got a ton of ’em out there.

      I heard they are making a movie out of A Winter’s Tale, btw… should be interesting.


  2. Formerly DMG

    Thoughts on the red headed stepchild, aka AVL?

  3. razorsedge

    movin into moving into metals from all cash position, still holdin core in gld ,slv. i think we have 10yrs left in the gold run. imo.

  4. Sir Robert Hooke

    What are your thoughts on Silver here? I just took some off the table today thinking its going to get dicey post FOMC. Still long gold and miners.

  5. Honolulu Trader

    January 2013 Diet

    Breakfast: NUGT
    Lunch: EXK
    Dinner: FAZ


  6. Hawaiifive0

    Still holding GDX, GDXJ and SIL.

  7. Sir Robert Hooke

    Taking it on the chin

  8. Hawaiifive0

    What do you make of this Jake? Any sage advice. For now, I’m in big and holding.

  9. Cheesefries

    I’m curious if you have any prefered agriculture plays.
    I have been looking at DBA and the the Jim Rogers fund RGRA. Investing in specific commodities seems like the safest route considering our current house of cards economy.

  10. #6

    After today, i strangely come here seeking family. Now that i have the little miss, i can’t imagine what those poor parents must be going through. Makes me appreciate your 4, DMG’s 3, #4’s 1, E’s 2, all of Jack Straw and his sisters babes, plus everyone else that are too may to list here. I’m so incredibly saddened by this. I guess I now know what you’ve always known about having a child. Can you imagine being one of those parents that had to go to that school and hear the news? How do you recover from that? Knowing your child was terrified at the end? It’s too much.

    God damn it.