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[youtube: 450 300]

(Comedy gold, and Bowie is a conservative, btw)


Naaaaw, really?


Say no more, no?

Silver looks to be giving us another opportunity here. The miners are not taking too much of a hit here, so you may want to give the stronger stories more of a look, or you may want to take advantage of the actual pullback in fizzical silver itself by jumping on SLV right now in the form of long term options, the farther the better.  Let’s say January 2014 or 2015’s LEAPs which have pulled back nicely here for my benefit and yours.  Accumulate slowly here, because eventually you will wish you had been quicker.

Things are going well, and I appreciate my market meandering here a bit.

Best to you all.


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  1. Hawaiifive0

    Thanks Jake. It’s always good to hear from you.

  2. drummerboy

    chi chi chi chingao. rof

  3. Nice

    Bowie is conservative? Really?

    Another one of your very questionable assertions, and as usual, I request evidence.

    Again, as usual, a 10 second search on Google provides evidence to the contrary …

    • Jakegint


      Yes, it’s a good thing you had that pop celeb website at the tip of your fingers!

      Do some deeper research. Maybe meet the guy. Who knows what you might learn that was not afforded you by TMZ?


      • Nice

        Yet you still offer no credible evidence supporting your claim.

        Lame, but sadly, typical.

        • Jakegint

          Heavens, but your manufactured fill-in-the-blank opprobrium is so distressing!

          I am simply beside myself.


          • Nice

            Still no data or evidence to back your claim.

            I get it.

            You feel free to assert whatever your imagination desires, and expect that no one will notice or challenge.

            Kinda like Paul Ryan.

            • Narwahl

              Who cares if Jake has evidence or not? The point is, this song is a jam.

              • JakeGint

                I have personal evidence, and “Nice” has revealed himself as Kool Aidest, anyway. What evidence would suffice for him/her?

                The innumerati are numerous, but their rhetoric has become predictable and repetitive.


                • Nice

                  Anything more than none would suffice.

                  Being labelled Kool Aidest by a rabid partisan is pretty ironic. Thanks for the laugh. You never let me down on that front.

                  I tell you what is predictable and repetitive. This pattern …
                  1. Jake makes a questionable and arbitrary statement.
                  2. It is challenged by me or someone else.
                  3. Jake does not produce any supporting information that would add credence to his point of view. Instead, he deploys a bit of loquacious circumlocution to impress the fans, and punctuates it with a dollop of ad hominem vitriol.
                  4. Pressed again, he utters another personal slight, and then makes reference to some piece of information that he can’t share publicly. E-mail him if you really want to see it.
                  5. Let time pass. Rinse and repeat.

                  • i dont really know
                    i dont really know

                    There doesn’t seem to be much on David Bowie’s political views. But apparently his name showed up in thread of english and brittish republicans…
                    might be something in there.

                    • i dont really know
                      i dont really know

                      Also, G.E. Smith played at RNC and he was Bowie’s Guitarist
                      So that is some evidence too. Obviously Bowie wants to sell records to both political sides and it would likely be or seem against his interest to really make his political views public

                    • fxtradex6

                      If you were to be paid say, $50,000 for one night of work, would you really care who was paying you? Probably not.

                    • JakeGint

                      This is beyond Nice’s (pseudonym) more typical Obamnista, hide the ball idiocy.

                      I always provide evidence for what I say, especially if it’s some kind of policy or economic issue where evidence is in the public domain. This horse’s ass, like a true Obamanist, constructs straw men arguments to suit his needs. His opinion means nothing because he’s got zero credibility, as he’s earned none. One earns credibility when you’ve written things that can be reviewed over a period of time and NOT when you continually change your nom du blog in order to escape credibility you’ve destroyed from being logically dismantled numerous times

                      When “Nice” can point to a body of work that’s due respect, we can all take what he says seriously. Until then, he can lie, and I can point out his logical gaps, and he can change his name to the next Troll Appellation.

                      For the record, in the case of Bowie, I worked on his ground breaking royalty securitization — a veritable pioneering event in the music industry. My “evidence” of his conservatism is therefore anecdotal, personal and improvable without Mr. Jones himself appearing on my blog to make a comment, which ain’t happenin, I can assure you.

                      Looking forward to your next name, Troll boy.


  4. bloop

    Romney isn’t above the 95% confidence interval (3 standard deviations away from the mean) but he would be right around the edge of the 90% confidence interval. Except there are still 2% of independents and it’s not about the popular vote… Plus election isn’t being held today and debate performance, October surprise, and a number of other things could certainly swing wishy-washy voters in one direction or another.

    I think there will be some kind of October surprise one way or another, and perhaps a one on or days before election day.

    • Jakegint

      I have zero doubt that that cockroach Axelrod will have something up his chitinous sleeve.

      Keep in mind that Obama won his most important races by literally taking out his competition with skuldugerous slimings.

      Problem is… they are going to have to make it up w. Romney and they’ve already been caught lying numerous times… Biden’s blatent falsehood about Benghazi only being the latest in a long line…


  5. Sir Robert Hooke

    Hmmm…. What about a stomach churning correction by Turkey Day for miners and pms?

  6. Sir Robert Hooke

    What strike price for those LEAPS would you consider?

  7. drummerboy

    hey senator,on a another note. i have a friend who works at a sorting station to “our” rival,those other guy’s. they wont be getting their contract re-newed this year by p.o. i see some serious leaps to bank big coin when it happens. i’m just pissed cause my guy cant give me an exact date of expiration of said contract.trying to use a 2013 april options links and slightly around that time. i cant give the name because that might be construed as insider trading,and has not been made public yet because it wont happen till next year.but if you study the chain,you can get a good idea when it might go down.

  8. Impeach Obama

    Aside from the military attacks on Libya without approval from congress which constitutes an act of war which is illegal and grounds for impeachment in and of itself, Obama’s handling of foreign policy regarding Osama which included the release of valuable strategic information and intelligence that by announcing to the world, may have helped aid and abet any enemy implicated in the hard drive that was recovered during the raid is treason and grounds for impeachment as well.

    Obama immediately announces valuable US intelligence data immediately after Osama was killed. If you were a Jihadist and you were implicated in the hard drive that was recovered, you would love to have that information released ASAP so you could go into hiding, reschedule plans of any future attack and avoid or change any coded terminology to avoid detection. Obama did the enemy a favor while putting Seal Team 6 at risk by giving away their location, details of their attack, and their identity. Some members of Seal Team 6 died less than a month later. Best case scenario Obama was ignorant that he was potentially putting lives at risk and potentially aiding and abetting the escape of any Jihadist that was or may have been implicated in the hard drive.

    And since Obama violated international law by not having Osama be held to a fair trial and execution, they could not interrogate him about any hiding place, or any additional information, or perhaps even how to access the sensitive military intelligence data.
    Worst case scenario, he aided and abetted the enemy intentionally, or even unintentionally for political gain.
    Intelligence and Special Operations forces certainly think Obama’s politicization of foreign policy for political gain was bad policy and needs to stop.

  9. Impeach Obama

    Since the passage of United Nations Security Council resolution 1973 on March 19, 2011, the United States has detonated over 200 tomahawk land attack cruise missiles and 455 precision-guided bombs on Libyan soil.

    Congressman Forbes: Mr. Secretary, if tomorrow a foreign nation intentionally, for whatever reason, launched a Tomahawk missile into New York City, would that be considered an act of war against the United States?

    Secretary Gates: Probably so.

  10. tuck9899


  11. Honolulu Trader


    sold me three legged dog yesterday

    AUQ 8.17 from 6.28

    ruff! ruff!

  12. Green

    Do you still hold NAK ? Thanks Jake.

  13. 2thguy

    Gold reversed in the 1720 area today. It looks and feels like a bottom. Do you agree, Jake?

  14. Gloria Alred

    I am coming for you Jake, and I cannot be stopped!!! MWHAHAHA cakcle, cackle. 4 more years after I get in front of a camera and speak