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Happy Cinquo de Derby!

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Happy 5th of May, otherwise known as the First Saturday in May — DERBY DAY! This is a state holiday here in Kentucky marked by its tradition of having every man, woman and child greet the dawn with a double shot of bourbon, and then proceeding downhill from there.

I don’t have a lot of time as I must get to the track to hobnob with the lords and ladies of the Jockey Suites.  I did “meh” yesterday, breaking close to even if I throw out a lost voucher for about $80 that I left in a betting machine (damn bourbon!).  I did NOT have the Oaks winner, however, because I did not listen to a suite mate (a very wealthy woman with the luck of the Irish or something going for her, as she wins all the time) who said, “You HAVE to go with the female jockey for the Oaks (Fillies) Race!”  Of course I ignored that counsel much to my chagrin as she collected a near $300 trifecta (on $2) prize.

For the Derby, this is going to be an especially tough year.   As you can see from my top video post, I always favor the Wood Memorial winner, as its one of the toughest Derby Prep races (Grade One Stakes), and its on dirt, unlike those pussy polytrack fields in California and Keeneland.   Consequently, you should always favor the dirt prep winners, and that would be Florida and Arkansas Derby winners, Take Charge Indy and Bodemeister, respectively.  Going back to the Wood Memorial, Gemologist won, to remain undefeated, but Alpha was sneaking up on his right, which might mean trouble for the further 1/8th mile of the Derby (a one and one quarter mile race, while most of these preps are one and one eighth of a mile).  Keep Alpha in your sights on this day.  As a superstitious extra, the first race I won this year (over at Keeneland) was something like “Needs More Alpha” which I picked just for its stock trading implications.

The Florida Derby was interesting also, with heavy favorite Union Rags getting a bad trip (stuck behind a number of horses for too long) but really pouring it on in the final furlong.   Huge Derby favorite jockey Calvin Borel was on winner Take Charge Indy, which has some great heritage, and cannot be dismissed because of it’s nice position at the fourth slot.  Still, watch this race below and you’ll see how Union Rags seems to be coming on in the last pole.  It’s important to remember that the Kentucky Derby is an extra eighth of a mile longer.   That means the Rags may take the longer race…

[youtube: 450 300]

Last, take a look at alleged “Superhorse” Bodemeister, the Bob Baffert entry, with the blinkers off and raring to go after absolutely destroying the field in the Arkansas Derby.  A lot of people are throwing out this horse out because it was unraced as a two year old, a traditional “no-no” in the Derby tradition annals.  The last horse to win the Derby that went unraced as a two year old?  Apollo, who won the 1882 Derby 130 years ago!  Can you imagine?

But this horse is a champion, with all the specifics… great final lengths speed, nice endurance and seeming gain of strength, great enthusiasm.  Only unfortunate is that it is California bred, which has also not fared well in the Derby  in the modern era (eerily, the last California bred horse to win, Decidedly was 50 years ago this May, in 1962).  Can a 130-year and 50-year curse be broken in one race?  If anyone can pull it off, it’s three time Derby winning trainer Bob Baffert and the horse named after his youngest son, Bode:

[youtube: 450 300]



Jake’s picks (and you need a handful):  Union Rags, Alpha, Bodemeister, Take Charge Indy and Gemologist are my top five, so mix and match for your various exactas, trifectas and superfectas.   I also like SaberCat as a long long shot (only take if 30-1 or above), and I’ll Have Another and Creative Cause in the exotics.   I’m throwing out Juvenile winner and Louisville local-owned Hansen because of his bad race in the Blue Grass Stakes, losing to Irish charger Dullahan, who is also in the Derby after winning on that polytrack surface three weeks back.

Happy Derby to all!


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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler
    Mr. Cain Thaler

    Good luck Jake

    • JakeGint

      Thanks, I’ll need it this year… but I’m also “due,” lol.


      • MetalLeg

        The two year old jinx is irrelevant.

        I spent my youth at the track which gives me absolutely no edge when it comes to big races such as the Derby. Regardless, Bodemeister is going to win.

        Maybe I’ll go to OTB and put my money where my mouth is.

        • MetalLeg

          Lucky I never made it to OTB but I was kicking myself for not doing so at the top of the stretch. Baffert messed up. Should have slowed the pace.

          • JakeGint

            I agree. And worse, after the race he said he wouldn’t have run it any other way.

            Really Bob? Your horse ran out of gas from sprinting like a maniac for the first mile… are you really that bad a trainer, or do you just hate saying “I’m wrong?”


  2. Woj

    Alpha, Dullahan, Sabercat and box em.

    • JakeGint

      Well, you had one of ’em.

      The Santa Anita Derby winner in the 19 hole? Did not see that coming!


      • Woj

        Ended up going bodemeister, dullahan and gemologist. Had 2 of the 3. The #19 never entered my mind though!

  3. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    As I sit here surveying the carnage that are my brokerage accounts, I can’t help but marvel at the the damage done by GDX.

    I will hold this beast forever if i have to…i will not lose one penny.

  4. Anton

    Have fun, win big and drink liberally, Jake.

    I mean, you can do this one thing liberally, I’m sure.

  5. Mr. Cain Thaler
    Mr. Cain Thaler

    I’ll Have Another!

    Seriously cannot get the taste of oak out of my mouth. Way too much whiskey, bourbon, and cognac was consumed today

    • Jakegint

      Scarily, that winner sounds like the catch phrase from the famous Detroit-centered movie : ‘Robocop”

      Who would have known we’d seen ridicule turned to reality in one short generation?

  6. muktukchuck

    Gotta say Senator = Canuckistani owned and jock Canuckistani trained. Made my first bet on a horse ever at Hastings a very long time ago, and yes I bet the flag on him yesterday.

    • JakeGint

      Pretty amusing story on the owner… he sold DiTech to GM in 1998. A former philosophy professor!

      I think the jockey was Mexican though, and the horse, of course, bred in Kentucky.

      So a win for NAFTA, maybe?


  7. #6


  8. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    I am literally caught in a vortex of death and destruction.

  9. DMG

    I unfrowned and doubled down on gss @$ 1.45.

  10. Hawaiifive0

    $GOLD just put in a swing low and the 75 week ma has held except for 2008. I hoping tomorrow will end the downward movement of GDX and related.