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iBankCoin Art Gallery

I cant remember what the first Photoshop’ed iBankcoin logo I ever saw was. But I always loved the idea and have been contributing to the image bank for years.

Here’s a few from the gallery to peruse.

Happy Holidays, Henry Fool



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TEDU 5:1 Trade

This is very easy to manage trade. TEDU closed $10.78

 I’m long with a hard stop at $10. I think TEDU will see $15.78 or higher vs. a breakdown of $10.

 Possible $5 of reward for $1 of risk.

Note: 61.8% Fib line, MACD turning up, Whole number 10 support, low volume pullback

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 3.26.59 AM


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