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The Story Of Success: Do You Have The Hunger To Succeed?

I gave to you a great tool that can help you succeed in my last post.  “Jimmy Bob” asked a good question. The question was along the lines of “how much work do I do to reach success?”

This brings me to a story I have heard, but I will retell it anyways.

There once was a wise guru who had achieved enlightenment sitting on a mountain top

A young boy seeking enlightenment approached him and said, “I want to be successful like you, please teach me your secrets”.


“How badly do you want it?” The guru asked.

“I will do anything it takes!” the kid responded.

“Anything? ” The guru questioned

“I would kill for the chance at success, I would die for it!”

The guru having been through the same routine of those who expected him to impart the wisdom over a brief 30 minute chat or less expecting their to be just those few “secrets” had grown tired of people coming to him asking for the quick solution and so often only claiming they would do anything. He knew the path to self improvement and personal development was a long road. Yet nevertheless he had an idea and said “meet me in Long Lake at 5a.m. tomorrow” and I will teach you what you need to know.

To the kid’s surprise, the next day when he came out to meet the guru, the guru was out in the lake already. The guru called to him, “come join me”

The kid said ” I am not prepared”

The guru said, “When you want success, you may not always be prepared, but you must continue on anyways”

The kid said, “But what I mean is, I didn’t bring my swimsuit.”

The guru responded “you may not always have the tools for the job at a particular time in your journey.

The kid said, “but the water is cold”

The guru replied “Life can be cold, and the journey to success can be even colder.”

The kid said “What does this have to do with success, I thought you were going to tell me the secrets? Or tell me a magic success formula? Or give me the magic pill to success?”


The guru replied “sometimes in life you have to make “the leap of faith”. Sometimes you have to trust that you’re in the right place and things don’t make sense. Sometimes you may have to rely on your training and experience to know the truth. Other times, to really know the truth and make the right decision, you sometimes have to go against everything you ever learned to find the truth even when it conflicts with your beliefs, and you must have the hunger to carry on anyways. Right now, entering cold water does not seem to have anything to do with success, and yet here we are. But a part of you inside knows that you are here for a reason. A part of you had enough wisdom to seek out someone who was successful and the courage to follow him. A part of you intuitively and instinctively knows that you must come to me now. I will not give you another chance, if you want to have success, join me immediately, no more questions”

morpheus matrix

As the kid finally decided to “take the journey” the guru said to him, “What I have heard from you is nothing but the typical excuses that is not all that much unlike the normal excuses that everyone makes that prevents them from success, “But I don’t have the money, but I don’t have the time, But I don’t know how, but this other guru who’s program I bought told me something different, but It’s too hard, it’s too cold, I don’t want to”. Inevitably some continue the march on, but of those people that try, many more will fail. I assure you, if you take the lessons I am here to teach you, you will succeed, but you have to trust me… Do you trust me?”

The kid approached the guru in water that went up to the kid’s neck.

He was a little nervous, but then he realized he did in fact trust the guru, so he said yes.

“Then allow me to baptize you in this lake.” Said the Guru

The kid nearly was confused, and caught himself from saying that he wasn’t religious and wasn’t interested. He thought perhaps it was a test. So he thought and realized that there were to be no more questions and that if he trusted the guru, he had to prove it. So he said okay.

As he was submerged under water, he realized the guru wasn’t letting up and was HOLDING him under water. The child began to become fearful, short of breath. He eventually realized he may have been wrong to trust the guru, he briefly calmed down and knew he could hold his breath longer so he still lay longer. But then he started to panic a bit and tried to stand up to which he was met with even more pressure.

“He’s trying to drown me, I am definitely wrong to have trusted the guru!” he thought, “I knew it”. He pushed and struggled even harder to come up for air but he couldn’t. full on panic set in. He finally started to leap out of the water when the guru covered his mouth and pushed him down one last time.

Just when he began to feel the intense struggle like he couldn’t take it anymore, and just when he reached maximum discouragement, his life started to flash before his eyes as he began to accept his fate and stopped struggling.

Just then the guru ripped him up out of the water and asked “Are you okay”.

The kid responded, “what the hell was that?! no I’m not okay, you almost killed me! I thought you told me to trust you, yet you could have killed me!”

The guru said, “Okay, now we shall do that 3 more times”, “Hell no!” the kid says.

The guru said to him, “ahhh… but I had had the impression you were willing to do anything… even die for a chance to achieve the success that allows you to truly live.”

“I didn’t mean I want you to kill me… How does that help anything anyways? Are you going to tell me what I need to know or just waste my time and practically kill me?!”

Then the guru imparted the most important lesson:

“I’ve already taught you everything you need to know, now only you can realize the lesson here. You see… No one can “tell you” how to succeed, only you can choose that path. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you. It doesn’t matter who your guru is, without substantial desire and hunger for success, you will not succeed.

Yet when you want success like you want air, success is inevitable.



The guru continued, “The ‘old you’ is now metaphorically dead, and you are symbolically reborn and baptized into the mindset needed for success. You have endured what you have needed to in order to truly understand the hunger one must have. Having nearly accepted death, you probably had a few regrets, you probably thought of what was truly important to you. But if you still want success, it shall be yours… but only if you proceed with the same desire and passion of which you experienced when you wanted air.  So remember this feeling, and draw upon it when you aren’t content with where you are and truely know what it feels like to want something bad enough and know success is only a matter of time as long as you persist with this desire”


The kid grew up to be tremendously successful in all walks of life and continues to live a wonderful life.


So there is only one question I have for you…

“How bad do you want it”?



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