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Chart Blast Ideas 3/17/16

Posting both weekly charts and daily charts to try to show you what I’m looking at.

Method: Manual scan of all stocks that have available weekly options. Using a list that I update 2-3 times a year.

Bullish setups:Usually looking for 1-2-3 reversals. Typically the first low following equal high.. Typically focusing on finding “aversion” sentiment, or in EW terms looking to buy before wave 3.

Bearish setups: Typically focused more on selling retest or resistance and/or with volume profile below and/or with some kind of bear flag or rising wedge.
Bullish list.
Bearish list.
(not yet) ZTS,CYBR

Bullish (daily charts)
bullish daily
Bullish (weekly charts)
bullish weekly

Bearish (daily charts)
bearish daily
Bearish (weekly charts)
bearish weekly

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