Modern day gold rush in stock subscription services on twitter


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for days now because I’m seeing an alarming trend on twitter starting to go parabolic. I don’t want to go naming names, but let me break down the formula on how I *THINK* this scam runs:

1) Create your twitter account
2) Pitch bunch of trades, lie about your size (absolutely no capital management, full cowboy)
3) Claim to make obscene amounts of money the trades
4) 2 Months later, sell a subscription service for $100 a month

I’m not trying to be a hater, so I won’t be naming names, but it smells like bullshit to me. If I end up being wrong on any of these people I’ll gladly admit that, but I dont know. Only Premium guys I can honestly vouch for are guys that grind out a living. Show you how to trade and don’t claim to be making obscene amounts of money everyday on every trade.

@DanZanger – This guy is audited so it’s no bullshit. Holds records for his swing trading one of the real pros out there.

@gtotoy – Great trader, puts out free content everyday. Free month access to even see what goes on in his chat room

@chessnWine – Real dude, puts out great videos everyday who’s been on long enough so you can ask people about him if you need to

@OptionsHawk – Wealth of knowledge about options who’s been around long enough

@OptionRunners – Good trader who pitches out free content everyday who’s been around for years now.

If I missed anyone, it’s by mistake or I haven’t tried their service/know them. You won’t go wrong trying any of those guys, but good lord at least be cautious of all these new guys popping up everyday now. Don’t let the greed blind you.

P.S. – If you think I’m a jerk off, or know nothing, write a comment. I’m writing this post through the eyes of someone actively trading for 2 years now so I don’t assume I know everything.

4 Responses to “Modern day gold rush in stock subscription services on twitter”

  1. How about FITZSTOCK?

  2. First 3 on your list I follow myself.

    Stocktwits is somewhat dangerous site for someone who didn’t do their research about who to follow.
    It used to be so free-spirited years ago, but these days most of the content is commercialized by people selling subs.

    For me personally it’s a good place to have fun or vent 🙂 that’s about all.

    PS: it has become a great venue for pump and dump schemers, but this is easy to uncover.

  3. Greg,

    you are exactly right in your assumption that the results we see are more based on elaborate scams than on thourough research and execution.

    Just like you, I saw what happened to a certain “all in 100% loss or do not follow” options guy. I guess you know who I mean.

    I can only reiterate what you said: “Only Premium guys I can honestly vouch for are guys that grind out a living.”

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