Strange Day in Such a Lonely Way


Strange Day.  In an upset victory, the Universe didn’t collapse into a black hole of sovereign debt at the end of the Mayan calendar.  However, last night, on the eve of the would-be Mayan Apocalypse, as if on cue,  futures collapsed following news of GOP malfeasance in the House of Pain.  For some reason, trading robots give a shit about this noise – or was it just an excuse to work off recent equity “frothiness?”  We’ll never really know.  Overall, market action today wasn’t particularly end-of-the-world worthy.  Call me complacent.  Although, as per norm, the Twittersphere was full of pros telling us how stupid we all are for not being 200% levered short like they were going into today.   Guilty as charged.  Yawn.

On a day when nothing seemed to work other than $EGOV (h/t @chessNwine inside 12631 for spotting this one), I did little – refusing to offer discounted prices for my holdings to depraved algorithmic trading platforms.  I actually reduced my already slim 33% cash position by opening a starting 4% position in $DDD late in the day at 51.69.  It closed a tad under 52.  I recently booked a decent gain in this name – though fat-fingered an exit, leaving substantial wampum on the table.  The stock showed good relative strength today, was actually green, and appears to be consolidating after its recent runup.  I would post a chart but you all can look it up if you care to.  Enjoy your pre-Xmas weekend.  Try not to be shot while shopping.


Oh, it’s a strange day
In such a lonely way
I saw some children dance
I watched my life in a trance
And the people around me
Seemed so glad to be here
Will my time pass so slowly
On the day that I fear?
And the noise that surrounds me
Is so loud in my head
From the promises made
To the lies that I said
Oh, it’s a strange day
In such a lonely way
Some people look down on me
I hope they like what they see
Strange day
Such a strange day


3 Responses to “Strange Day in Such a Lonely Way”

  1. I bought $VHC yesterday $34 said to self set a stop @$30.91 ..which I rarely do. I went to the concession stand to get some popcorn and my shares were gone.
    I would much rather opine on market than put my cash in it.
    Holding full WMT and GOOG
    Oh yeah and nice post *****

  2. great post! I’m not seeing as much carnage on my watchlists as expected and “not selling to the depraved algos” seems like the best move for today. Cheers!

  3. Thanks gentlemen! I was tempted to add to $VHC position but didn’t. I was up about 16% until the fuckery of the past few days. I’m now only up a few %. If I wasn’t lazy I’d look up my buy points but avg is around 30. So it’s basically a round trip ticket right now…

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