Rhino Stomp


Godam this iPad and Foxconn, which just erased my draft post.

Now, with that unpleasantness out of the way, it occurs to me that when we distill down the choices for the next tabbed Victim Blogger at ibc, THE choice is none other than the Rhino.  Who else amongst the rabble here has the passion for trading and experience of Rhino?  The Rhino brings well supported trading ideas to the table and doesn’t just hurl feces around the room hoping something will stick like some guest Wanker on CNBC or FBN.  The Rhino also won’t be offering you trading ideas in Atomic Mass Unit terms.  Rhino clearly has the best shot of attaining the arbitrary traffic goal which has been set forth by “The Management” in Geppetto-esque manner.  Much like the airman in the video below, Rhino doesn’t scare easy.  Consider Rhino’s trading ideas and insights to be a form of “free stuff,” which Americans now love like their Precious.  What could be simpler?

Do the smart thing.  Vote Rhino or consider ritual Seppuku by sundown tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Rhino Stomp”

  1. No doubt, he’s worthy.

    But this MAXIMUS guy…he’s just scratching me where I itch.

  2. Nice post Grave, I’m with you: Rhino for the tab.

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