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Bought More SNCR, Up Next DirectTV


Trade:  SNCR  @26.60

A trigger buy for SNCR was hit.  Which doubles my position.  Next trigger to buy is 25.95.  I’m just buying this thing up, then selling north of 30.

I have a buy-limit order on DTV.  I’ve had DirectTv for a few years now, and I never thought of investing in it.  Until one day I was watching a Laker game.  It must of been a blowout since I started wondering about how advanced we have become in television systems.  Anyway, earnings have been double digit qoq for a while now.  And I like their management.  Just this week, DTV announced the use of MDU Technology, which is designed to provide their service in a “multiple dwelling” unit.  Fantastic idea.   I’m not exactly sure how this works, but it sounds like DirectTV will install a MDU dish on a large appartment or condo at no cost to the owner, and the renters can purchase the service if they want.  I’ll see how this works out, but it’s a concept that other big companies have been trying to run, like Google.

Anyway, DTV creeping up on new 52 -high.  I’m expecting a pullback here, so my buy-trigger is set around 40.50.  Cheers!

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Bought Some China Mediaexpress CCME


Trade:                    Bought CCME @ 21.10
Tradecology:        “Man, I should have bought it at 5 am.  Darn daylight savings time screwed me up.  Anyway, I’m just buying a little here, so if it drops 5% tomorrow I’m buying 2x original.  I can see this thing getting hyped to the 30s, but I know it’s gonna be rough.”

I bought a few shares of CCME, just so that I force myself to follow it.  I’m a little hesitant to go all in here, but hey, this one is on fire.  I think you’ll like buying this one.   I just think it’s better to buy these at the beginning of the trading day.  Even though I was up at 5 am, I still didn’t want to buy it, but looking back, I think momentum carries this stock strongly intraday.  Great day-trading stock.  Anyway, keep buying this -5% days.  Let’s ride it to 30s.  Chee hee!  Details on this momo stock later.  Oh yeah, I have this little journal I’m keeping to write down how I feel immediately after making a trade.  It’s kind of lame, but it’s something I’m trying out since I have this other iPod app I’m trying out that makes it convenient.  But I guess it’s kind of cool to look back at how you felt about a trade.  So every now and then, I’ll cut and paste it on here and call it tradecology (trader+psychology).

Meanwhile, I’m wondering what’s up with China anyway?  Why are they so secretive?  They still won’t let you use Google there.  It’s ironic that everything is made there, but they won’t let you see how it’s made.  Must be hiding something.  Well whatever it is, I’m buying into this bubble until it pops.  Just saying.

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There’s No Winner in Smart Phone Wars, Unless You’re Synchronoss Technologies


Are you on the SNCR train yet?  You know I’m going to be on it real soon.  I had fun trading this a few years ago, and it’s back on track as a heavy favorite for the bulls.  Why is SNCR so hot right now?  Basically, it comes down to the phone wars.  I think one of the biggest news to hit the street recently is that Verizon gets iPhone contracts.  The second important thing you need to know, is that the early adopter stage for Andriod operating phones is long over.  To illustrate this, when you hear the word “Android”, what comes up in your mind?  Probably something like, competition for Apple and Windows based smart phone market.  I think we tend to overlook how much the Android operating system has affected the phone industry.  Probably some of you right now have an HTC phone or a Motorola with Android, and you probably look down on iPhone users the way iPhone users look down on Samsung users that run Windows or something like that.  But then you find yourself enticed by another brand that comes out with a boss-phone and you just got to have it.  Next thing you know, you’re switching phones yearly like Kim Kardashian switches boyfriends.  Bottom line, the game is still on, and as long as smart phone companies continue to develop new phones to win you over, Synchronoss is actually the one who wins in the end.  Why?  Well, it’s what SNCR does on both sides.  Think of it this way… imagine each phone carrier company to be a supermarket.  Now imagine that each phone production company to be a box of cereal.  You have your Apple iPhone Jacks, HTC Puffs, uh, Frosted Motorola, yeah whatever you get the idea.  Each cereal is fighting over shelf space, adding toys, changing flavors, doing whatever so you buy them.  Meanwhile, chilling like a boss in the cold food section is 2% milk.  That’s SNCR.  They provide activation for these phones to each carrier.  So basically, smart phones without SNCR are, well, dumb, as is cereal in a bowl with no milk.

Here’s the blah blah from their website.  Notice how SNCR gets more lucrative as the competition gets heavier:

“Synchronoss’ Content Transfer and Synchronization Module ensures content is portable between mobile platforms and operator networks. Unlike many sync transfer services that are limited to a single brand of phone, Synchronoss offers cross platform support. Whether consumers are upgrading their feature phone to a new smartphone, or moving between mobile operators, Synchronoss’ solutions are up to task. ”  http://www.synchronoss.com/device.htm


… Do you see an iPhone?  Or do you see an opportunity?  Invest in what the crowd does not see.  SNCR!

If anything, use SNCR as a lesson of the company you want to invest in.  You can tire yourself trying to see whether Apple, Android, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Verizon, At&t, will win marketshare, or you can find that small company that shares every market.

The era of “Android”.  Kind of looks like SNCR’s stock chart.  Odd no?…

Update:  I’m so pissed at Apple right now.  Argh!!!  Dumb updater.

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Intelligentsia Coffee Withdrawals

Oh man, it’s 4:46am in Hawaii, and the market is soaring.  It’s good to be high again when everyone else is sleeping.  This market is caffeinated, and soon I will need some myself.  Unfortunately I have to settle for SBUX down the street.  It’s true though, my stock list that I’m building from the ground up for winter starts with coffee stocks.  First thing you’ll notice today is that they’re kind of flat.  But I can live with that.  Even though they are not up big in tandem with today’s tape, I can sit quietly and sip on coffee, my coffee, that is brewing near their 52-week highs. 

I still have some long term GMCR stock (base is way low, something like 19 for you CANSLIM investors), and am thinking about revisiting the momentum trade near this resistant point.  Another long term base?  Sure hope so.

For now, my top coffee spec is CBOU.  I tend to short this stock more than I buy it, but looking back, it would have been simpler if I just bought and held at $4.  Now the crazy stock has formed a long term base at $6.  It currently trades a few cents away from $11.  Buffalos for the win.  Slow and steady, but plows through the shorts.

Anyway, since it’s late, er, early, and all I have is my espresso craving creeping up on me, I can’t help but reminisce about this trendy coffee shop I tried out in LA called Intelligentsia.  Wow.  If you live in Cali I envy you.  Best espresso I’ve ever had.  And the baristas there are fanatics.  Great group of guys they got there… they are in such high demand that other coffee places recruit them.  They’re that good.  Here’s a little tip… say you’re from Hawaii, and they’ll hook you up with a couple of shots.   Worked at both cafes  😉   Try the black-cat, and take home the tea.  I have about a month supply of both, but it’s running low.  So sad.

Oh yeah, Intelligentsia won 2010 for best barista… in the world.    I guess I got good taste ay?  Simply put, Intelligentsia is the Harvard of coffee.  If only I could invest in one here.  If you’re ever in LA, give it a try.  Bring your dog too.

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Get Working. Tribute to Andy Irons…

I’m back to the nets again.  Vacation is over, and the vacation after the vacation is over.  I only made my first trade in a month this morning since I don’t like to trade while on break.  Anyway, I wanted to share some pics, but for now I just wanted to give a tribute to my boy Andy Irons who passed on 11/1.  I just couldn’t believe it when I heard the news.  He was one of planet Earth’s greatest surfers.  Dude was invincible.  I met the guy at a surf shop, super nice.   He would rip it here on the North Shore down at Pipeline on waves I wouldn’t touch.  Everyone is at the beach today for the legend.  Sad to see him go, always will be remembered.  This is for you Andy….



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Finally Got to Meet The Fly

What would you do if you had the chance to have dinner with the Fly?  Rarely does anyone get such a privilege to know the man behind the name and live to tell it, let alone have the chance to have dinner with him in one of New York’s finest restaurants.  But I just had the honor to meet Broker A, and I’m hear to brag. 

So what was it like?  Let me say, breaking the barrier of the internet world with the real world is a wild experience.  I mean, you go through all kinds of modes, have all kinds of expectations, imaginations, about the man behind the words.  And you know what… they are all wrong.   Well most of them.  I mean, he really did beam down from his rocketship, and he really is a die hard Mets fan.  It was great meeting him though.  I always imagined him looking like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, or Zorro or something ridiculous like that. 

Actually I’ve always looked up to the Fly- his raw knowledge of the industry, in your face commentary of the market, and talent on ruling the internet, so it didn’t really matter who he was, he could have been Cramer or Lebron James and I wouldn’t care.  Okay, well maybe not Cramer.   I would hate to have dinner with that guy.  Anyway, Fly is just, well how can I put it.  I rather not say anything specific, but let’s just say, he’s 80% cooler than 99% of you.  The other 1%, he’s just flat out 100% better.  (Wow, I should put that on a T-shirt and sell it, or maybe be a rapper.)  He’s only a maniac on the internet.  Who isn’t?  

Anyway sorry for the off topic market post.  Shoot, I’m on vacation.  Enjoy some pictures of upstate New York.  I’m might move here some day.  I love this state!  And as always, keep the internet, internet.

These are of Mohonk.  Great place to get away to!  Sorry, I took these with my crap camera phone.

Next Stop:  LA!!

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