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Welcome to the new Intuitive Traders site!

I’m scaling down the newsletter because I think I will reserve emails for more important stock updates. Besides, using a blog will help me to organize thoughts and keep better visual records. If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to email them or use the comment feature. When talking about a topic, I would prefer to use the comment feature. You will need to register as a member to the blogger. Don’t forget to vote on the poll —>

“Every dream has a price.”



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Intuitive Traders ScoreCard

  • Titanium Metals (TIE)
    Call: 3/16/06
    Cost: 42.36
    Last: 63.96
    Change: 50.99%
  • Andersons (ANDE)
    Call: 3/28/06
    Cost: 71.82
    Last: 93.49
    Change: 30.17%
  • Pacific Ethanol (PEIX)
    Call: 3/28/06
    Cost: 20.11
    Last: 30.12
    Change: 49.78%
  • Fronteer Development Group (FRG)
    Call: 4/3/06
    Cost: 4.45
    Last: 6.76
    Change: 51.91%
  • Biodisen (BBC)
    Call: 4/13/06
    Cost: 14.70
    Last: 17.75
    Change: -17.18%

    TOTAL 33.13%


Options Expire Tomorrow

As a rule, I don’t really pay too much attention to the market on Fridays, especially on a Friday that is the last day to trade options. Basically you get added volatility that can throw you off. If you have any stocks that you want me to use technical analysis, let me know, since I’ll be spending some time this weekend to check out some that come through my screens. With that said, I have a few stocks on the radar (I have yet to create a way to display my stock screens, for now I’ll give you a few stocks on the radar)

A Stock For Fat People- Nutri Systems (NTRI) In A Technical Breakout

After a 4 month consolidating period, looks like NTRI is ready to break out. I saw a few commercials of this product on TV, but have no idea if it’s goo d. Notice how resistance becomes support at $50. We are also starting to see rising bottoms and tops. Let’s see if this breaks into a trend up:

Titanium Metals Will Split

Well, if you own shares in Titanium, please click here. I call him the “10% monkey.” I was expecting a split announcement after $70. Anyway, cheaper shares will be available after May 5, with a 2-for-1 split.

TravelZoo Travels to over 100% gain

TZOO up another 19% day, giving the stock a 125% gain in four days. Why? Why? WHY?!!

My Oil Watch Portfolio

Here’s a sample of one of my watch lists. I used OIH, and oil ETF, as a benchmark, Exxon Mobil as another benchmark, and the other three are oil stocks that fit my screen criteria. I’ve kept this oil watch for a few months. I was hoping for a rise in energy prices this last December. It didn’t happen when the winter was warmer than expected. This produced a buying opportunity. Today, the stock price is being driven up by $73 Oil, and anticipation of summer energy shortage:

Stock price today
OIH 162.29
XOM 64.92

XTO 159.26 *split adjusted
VLO 69.11
SUN 87.07

Stock price in November 18, 2005
OIH 121.00
XOM 57.94
XTO 119.62
VLO 49.03
SUN 75.95

In search for my Oil-pick, I’ve tossed out some stocks but added a few more. I’m heavily considering Lufkin Industries (LUFK), a company that makes products used in the oil cycle, and PetroChina (PTR). PetroChina has a whopping 206 billion dollar market cap, which is about half of Exxon. Still, PetroChina continues to announce increases in production, and China is China- they have a lot of land there too. The only thing is the stock price has already sky-rocketed.

Q & A

I will end every blog with a Q&A for questions that were brought up.

Q: Can I get your feedback on where to go: TIE, FRG, BHP, TM, GS, VLO?

Gio: Well, frankly I like the whole group! I won’t tell you what to buy, I don’t ever tell anyone to buy a stock, just my policy. But I guess what it all comes down to is your risk tolerance and how long you’re willing to wait. I can tell you right now the highest risk lies in FRG and TIE, both are in bull markets, but any bad news will trigger a sell off. Your lowest risk stocks are BHP, TM, and GS because they are big companies that trade at high volume. The risk in VLO is tied to oil, where you have to ask yourself $80 or $65 a barrell first? So just do your homework, you already broke it down to less than 10 stocks. Anyway, I added a poll which is on the right side of this page. Make sure you vote! Please vote for at least 3 different stocks.

See yall Sunday!

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