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CTIC update … flagging to next level

Characteristics of a stock that has lots of big news coming up.  We have been monitoring this, and it seems like a lot of bulls take early profits in the morning every time we are above 1.70.  It just seems like people are jumping in and out of the stock before the actual news comes out.  The one thing investors have to look out for is that the June 1 and the July 29 investors do not bail out of the  play, hence our support near 1.45.  Under that and it gets ugly. Let’s see if these drugs can get us high.  Hmmm, that came out wrong.

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Reversal day + happy CISG +10% today

Mark today as a reversal day. Even though we are flat, I will mark it as a win for bears. These are good to monitor. If we get too many of these, they could lead to a good retracement.

For those of you who follow me, we notched another good buy point on CISG last Thursday.  I’ve been watching this like a hawk, and got this on lockdown 😉  … so far we are up 10% on this today.  Lately I’ve been catching these nice spikes, that unfortunately quickly fade back close to breakeven.  Believe me, it’s a total headache.  But I think this has room to run.  Go go go!

This weekend I got to hang out with some friends from San Fran, and some friends from Paris.  They are older couples, like 40s, but I still had fun with them.  I took them to the Pali Lookout where the winds were blowing over 40 mph (no joke!)… if your clothes are baggy enough, YOU WILL FLY.  Lol.  It’s great.  Here’s a panoramic view…


The French are very fun, gregarious and beautiful people.  Contrary to what the media says about them, they are probably one of the friendliest people I’ve meet.   Ça me plaît.

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Trade: New longs CISG

New longs: CISG (17.20)

Haven’t bought anything in a while since July was a great month; but CISG is picking up momentum again. A number of stocks floating on the China news.

– CTIC pullback is normal
– CFSG intraday looks very weak. I’m not sure where the crowd went on this one.
– Market is “quiet” again. I guess the big question is <9k, or >9.5

Well, gotta go.  I have guests from San Fran… bringing them to Pearl Harbor.  Then I have some Parisians to take out for lunch.  Busting out the Pimsleur French.

Salut.  Je ne crois pas.

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Stocks in Play: FUQI Pullback

After watching some other Chinese plays retrace (see my chart on CYOU from Friday), I have found that a pullback on FUQI is very likely.  Of course, we at iBC like this stock a lot, but we also know when it’s a good time to take profits.  Mind you I already sold this over a week ago and have been monitoring it, since this is on a high priority watch for me.  Thus, if you are still long, I think it’s time to cut back on this position significantly.  Friday already saw a 3% decline, so if you get a reflexive bounce early this week I would sell into it.

Meanwhile, there’s a brief swing play in the making.  I have buy on the retracement to the 23-24 level (too tough to give exact #, but there will be a heavy drop soon that should take us there).  When this does occur I will do a 2-step buy with a quick sell near Friday’s intraday levels (approx 27.xx).

[Other high probable pullback plays:  I’m looking at a reversal in trend in coffee stocks.  I will begin shorting some in the near future.]

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Stocks In Play Update: CYOU, CISG

I only had time to do two today because a client walked in on me without an appointment.  Anyway, these two are worth meditating over this weekend.

CISG had a big decline today. 10ish percent. Looking for volume to drop before entering:

CYOU looks fun. Wedges galore.  Still very under the radar, and soon we will blow the press away…


Have a good weekend!  I have guests from San Fran I have to entertain, then guests from Paris (woo hoo!) I get to show around.  That means I’ll finally get to go back to the beach.  Isn’t that odd though… it’s only when you have guests from out of town that you actually get to go cool places right in your backyard.

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