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Yes, We Are Going Below Dow 10,000

Sheeeesh.  My head is spinning.  Sorry I missed you guys these past two days.  I was getting audited on Monday and Tuesday (by external CPA, not IRS yet… they can go bug  ), then just had to take Wednesday off.  Ten hours straight of crunching and balancing numbers is not fun.  If I see another spreadsheet or receipt by Sunday I might go postal.  Funny thing is, starting next Monday I’ll be doing an internal audit of another company.  Hmmm, I used to think numbers were awesome, but now I’m just about burned out.  I can’t wait for this season to turn around so I can get back to more aggressive trading.  

Speaking of numbers, we are back at that famous 10k point on the Dow.  It’s quite possibly the most influential psychological number out there.  It’s just a number.  But that’s usually a good number to spot a lot of exits on dumb money.  So for now, don’t try to fight it and buy this week’s dip.  Play it conservative as the money changes hands.  I like shorting here and holding until you get a reasonable 8-13% gain.

I got more data on the IBD 100 coming up later once I get all these other numbers cleared.  I just   Busy busy busy busy. 

There are a ton of companies out there that reported that you should check out.  Mainly I’ve been reading up on Amazon.com here and there on the stationary bike, and they’ve reported some interesting numbers.  I like to use them to tell me something about the balance of power in the retail industry.  With holiday sales contributing to AMZN’s 40% gain in revenue for the fourth quarter, I hardly imagine that their Kindle (digital book) has anything to do with it anymore than the fact that bargain hunters shop online more than in brick-mortar stores when the economy is down.  Nevertheless, impressive numbers by AMZN as they smashed a lot of analyst predictions.

Wow my mind is everywhere.   Someone slap me.  Happy trading!

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Trades: Short LULU, YGE, IRBT . A Lesson On Wedding Receptions.

New shorts today

IRBT @ 16.73

LULU @ 29.72

YGE @ 13.31

… I especially like shorting IRBT here.  Not to sure about that YGE play, but oh well.  I expect this basket of trades to do very well.

In the meantime, congrats to the Saints!  My friend is a hardcore Vikings fan and he is the biggest trash talking fool out there, so I was quite delighted to kick him while he was down.  I’m not such a nice guy after all. 

Ten things I learned from the wedding…

1)  Bridesmaids must be kept happy at all times

2)  Hide your share of the cake as soon as you can

3)  Order wine, it will take care of the stress

4)  When someone compliments you, compliment them back.  Especially for women.  Wow, this is a must.  You will pay if you don’t notice nor acknowledge how nice their dress is.

5)  My bridesmaid partner was hot! 

6)  The camera man is gay

7)  Order your Tux on the internet!  (hehe, I never thought that would be such a good move.)

8)  Try your shoes on at Nordstrom, then order those on the internet too (haha… sorry, I am not going to pay full price for patent shoes that I will wear 3 times in my life.  Saved at least $100 bucks on mine  😉

9)  If you’re on the party, once you’re done eating, visit five tables at a time to say hi.  But when you do so, end your conversation with “Do you know where the…  I need to do something real quick.”  that way you can politely end your conversation without having to go over time.

10)  Make your speech shorter so you can make more room for dancing.  No one remembers speeches, everyone remembers how cool the father of the bride was getting down on the dance floor like a Viagra commercial.

Congrats to the lovers!   😉

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Let No Man Put Apart


Absolutely NO trades this week.  Not even if I tried to.  Here’s why…

Besides some heavy duty business calls in Maui and Kona, I’ve come to the end of the week where I’m met with anxiety.  Tomorrow is the wedding of my friend.  I just picked up my Tux, nicely tailored- pants, arms, and jacket.  She’s old and sickly, but her hands are still steady enough to create unparalleled symmetry in my jacket.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be picking up the limo… six groomsmen, six bridesmaid, two witnesses, flower girl… it’s gonna be tight up in there.  At least I get to hold it overnight.  Look out Waikiki, we’ll be coming with the top down!  Or maybe I’ll pass out in the jacuzzi?

We drew numbers, and I’m assigned yet another wedding speech.  How am I supposed to give out advice if I have none, no experience.  I’ll try not to bore the audience like I did last time.  Is it cool to tease the groom and bride?  It’s always entertaining, but I never felt it to be cool.

So, I’m supposed to like weddings, but really, it’s stressing.  Women please tell me, is it really worth all the work?  Why would you go through all this?  Is it worth it? Yes it is, I know- it’s your night.    I’ll take two days off just so you can remember this for your lifetime.   Congrats bud!

… see the rest of yall on Sunday!

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Island Hoppin’ On Hawaiian Airlines


I don’t get why they don’t allow outside food and drinks in the waiting area… maybe they’re jealous I’m eating a bacon sandwhich.  So anyway, it was a challenge sneaking in my 5 shots of espresso from the egregiously overpriced airport Star Bucks while trying not to get my laptop wet.   What an adventure! 

Darn it, missed my flight….

Anyway, I’ll be out for the entire day eating lunch and shaking hands with a bunch of project engineers.  Apparently the two CEOs I was supposed to travel with won’t be coming so I have no idea what I will be doing.  Oh crap… who’s going to be paying for all my meals and drinks?!

Well, I’ll be back later with more intel on Hawaii’s construction industry.  Today I’ll be visiting Maui and Kona to check up on some condo-hotel projects, so come back later because I’ll probably post a picture of a coconut tree. 


In the meantime, my ride is the one and only Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. [[ha]] … no longer a duopoly, but a straight up monopoly now that Aloha Air is gone.  You might want to consider that as we start to get our tourism back.

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KNOT Holds, buy > 10

Wow I feel old.  But that just means everyone else older than me feels older.  I could never figure that out.  The wedding is fast approaching, and I’m having these flashbacks of how I used to play street hockey with a smashed up can with the groom. 

So how’s our favorite wedding stock doing?  Looks like it held against today’s market decline. 

In fact it put an impressive 2% gain getting it above the 10 spot.  Remember, on this play we are buying the long term dip.  So far KNOT has had a 2o% correction so buying your first position here looks good. 

Note to self:  Sell on 7%-9% gain / short term trade

Did I just use a Yahoo Finance chart?  Lol.

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5. KNOT- The World Is Ending… Marry Me

The 5th bullish stock for 2010 should come from one of those awkward areas of life… marriage.  Speaking of marriage, my friend is getting married in a few days.  Should be a nice wedding… reception is at the Aloha Tower.   I’m one of the grooms, so once again, I’m looking to make another foolish speech about friendship, life, and happiness.  Lol.  It’s all a lie!  Nah, I have to be good to my boy so I’ll try not to sound trite (“you both deserve each other… kind of.”).  So anyway, this is like the 6th wedding I’ve been to in the past 13 months, and I’m not sure if it’s seasonal, something in the water, or if we’re all just watching the world crumble and so we’re procastinating on getting hitched.  It’s  probably just a coincidence, but it’s worth investing in!

TheKnot.com is pretty a monopoly on wedding+internet retail.  I like these types of companies because they control much of their destiny.  You can group them together with VPRT (VistaPrint) and Shutterfly (SFLY), which are two other net companies that are taking advantage of trends.  Just remember though, these are trends, and our memories of the .com era teach us to be cautious.  Still, it’s too early to pull the plug, so say “I do” to KNOT… you can always breakup later.

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